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Customized Portfolio Management

Determining your specific asset mix is the most important aspect of your portfolio. Your asset mix will define the level of risk you are willing to assume and is the single most important determinant of overall performance of your portfolio. The three core asset classes are:
  • Cash or Cash Equivalent
  • Fixed Income and Related Securities
  • Equities (Stocks and Related Securities)
By using BMO Nesbitt Burns Research department as well as industry resources, we provide valuable insight into specific equity holdings, sector weightings and overall market strategies. With the help of our guided portfolios we assist you in building practical portfolio solutions. We develop individual solutions for long-term growth and cash flow management and recommend reviewing your portfolio regularly to reflect changes in the marketplace as well as changes to your circumstances.

When considering stock selection, we are guided by the following twelve points:
  • Buy quality
  • Buy great companies at attractive valuations
  • Understand that there are times when markets misprice businesses
  • Buy top management
  • Look for strong balance sheets
  • Buy companies that are leaders in their field
  • Invest in businesses that are easy to understand
  • Buy companies with growing earnings and strong cash flow
  • We will only buy growth and cyclical stocks at reasonable valuations
  • Look for companies that pay and grow dividends and have attractive return on equity (ROE)