Our Expertise

Portfolio Management
After we discuss your financial objectives, we memorialize them in an Investment Policy Statement, and construct your portfolio with suitable securities.  We monitor and re balance your portfolio as required and make changes when warranted always maintaining your allocation within your desired objectives.  Because you own the securities directly, and there is no need to contact you for every transaction, we are able to quickly take advantage of changes in the market. We follow your Investment Policy Statement and I am entrusted to make make investment decisions without the requirement for you to review and approve each transaction.  This creates a highly customized investment strategy without the time taken for day-today decision making.

Financial and Retirement Planning
Many Canadians do not have a written financial or retirement plan. Often, although we worry about our retirement and dutifully make an RRSP contribution every February, we really don’t know how much we need to retire, and what type of lifestyle we wish to live when we finally stop working. This is where I can help, by establishing clear goals that we can, as a team, work on achieving. An hour long consultation will provide you with the peace of mind that your contributions will work for you.