Planning Approach


Retirement Planning: For many people, ensuring that they will be able to retire comfortably is the initial goal of the financial planning process. With more people retiring early, and ever increasing life-expectancy, it is crucial to recognize the changing nature of retirement and the impact that this can have on people’s financial needs.

Estate Planning: It is often said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. We can help you plan for the former by minimizing the latter, thus making life easier for those you leave behind. Whether the goal is charitable giving, keeping the cottage in the family, or just ensuring a fair and even division of your assets, we can work with our partners such as our Estate and Insurance Advisors to provide you with peace of mind.

Transition Planning: There are moments in our lives when difficult choices must be made. Whether it’s subsequent to an early retirement, a lay-off, a career change or the breakdown of a relationship, we are sometimes forced to weigh various alternatives and launch ourselves in a new direction. Having a sound financial plan in place allows for better decision-making, following a reasoned and objective analysis of the various options.

Investment Approach


When constructing portfolios, we focus our attention on time-tested, sound investment practices. This results in high-quality, prudent and individually-built portfolios:

Appropriate diversification: No single holding should have undue influence on the overall portfolio. This means that we will recommend holding a diverse assortment of securities to ensure that we are limiting risk in the portfolio. We also take into account the historic volatility of any individual security, and how it impacts on the risk profile of the portfolio.

An emphasis on cash-flows: History tells us that a very large proportion of total returns stem from the cash flows generated by the securities we hold. We believe that companies that pay a healthy, stable, and sustainable dividend to their shareholders are more likely to yield strong returns over time for investors.

A portfolio approach: Investment decisions should be made in the context of the entire portfolio. A client’s financial plan feeds into our overall asset allocation recommendation, and a client’s tax situation impacts on our recommendation for how each individual account is structured. Every recommendation we make looks not only at the quality of the individual security but also at its impact on the portfolio as a whole.

Review and rebalancing: The construction of a portfolio is an important step, but its ongoing maintenance is critical. From time to time, it is appropriate to make changes to the asset allocation of a portfolio, either as part of the financial planning process or proactively based on the evolution of financial markets.

The Relationship


Periodic review meetings: Based on your needs, meetings will be arranged at regular intervals to review your financial plan and your portfolio.

Performance reporting: We will ensure that the performance of your portfolio is transparently communicated to you.

Seasonal contact: Throughout the year, you can expect to hear from us to resolve any seasonal financial issues (such as RRSP and TFSA contributions, RRIF withdrawal and conversion deadlines, tax management in taxable accounts, and tax reporting).

Teamwork with your key advisors: We are happy to work with your other key advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc.) to ensure that your planning experience is straightforward and comprehensive.

Portfolio monitoring: Even if no meeting or communication is required we commit to reviewing your portfolio at least quarterly, to ensure consistent monitoring of your holdings.

Should you have any questions, please contact Brock Wealth Management directly at 613-562-6409.