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Registered Accounts

TFSA - an introduction
The benefits and flexibility provided by a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) make it ideal for saving for multiple financial goals.
A Guide to Understanding Registered Plans
An overview of TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, IPP, RESP and RDSP accounts. (Dec 2014)
RESP's - an Introduction
An excellent overview of the features and benefits of RESP accounts, and answers to many commonly asked questions.
RESP Withdrawal Checklist
This checklist details how to efficiently withdraw cash from your family's RESP to pay for your children's post-secondary education.
Taking Money Out of An RESP
This report provides you with some details on how and when to withdraw funds from an RESP, as well as information on qualifying educational institutions. (Aug 2016)
Locked-In Retirement Plans
A review of LIRA's, LIF's and LRIF's, and when you have access to these locked-in assets. (Jul 2015)
RRIF accounts - an introduction
An excellent overview of the features of RRIF accounts, and answers to many commonly asked questions.
Registered Retirement Income Funds
Selecting the right retirement income option for your RRSP is one of the most important financial and estate planning decisions you'll make. (Aug 2015)
RRSP's - an introduction
Reviews RRSP saving strategies, withdrawals, investment choices, special situations and retirement planning.
RRSP Maturity Options
In the year you turn 71, you must make a decision what to do with your RRSP - this article highlights your options. (Dec 2014)
IPP's - an introduction
Features and Benefits of having a Individual Pension Plan.