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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management – Defined:

Portfolio Management is the process of diversifying ones’ capital into different investment vehicles through the spectrum of fixed income and variable return type investments. This is done in a systematic way in order to offer the best possible returns within the parameters of your objectives, risk-tolerance and current market conditions. This is a dynamic process, which must be adjusted over your lifecycle and your changing financial circumstances.

Our Process:

  1. Identifying your objectives and investment personality through the interview process and using our sophisticated financial planning software (Naviplan) to build a clear roadmap to your future.

  3. Developing a suitable portfolio tailored to your needs in the form of a written proposal which will help achieve our goals set out in part 1.

  5. Informing you of the possible best and worst case short term portfolio outcomes of the proposed plan. This will allow you to better understand and deal with the expected volatility that will surely occur.

  7. Monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio when required.

  9. Providing you annual performance reports and evaluating their impact on your long term objectives and financial plan.


Our Long-Term Discipline:

Avoid speculating and/or chasing current fads, which ultimately lead to a deviation from your original goal.

Avoid panicking and altering your original objectives in the midst of market turmoil.