We provide comprehensive wealth advisory services to individuals, families, business owners and corporations.

Backed by the strength, expertise and knowledge of BMO, your dedicated Private Wealth Professional can access an extensive range of products and services to support and help you reach your financial objectives.


Investment Management

Building and managing an investment portfolio requires careful planning, ongoing attention and sound financial expertise – combined with an intimate understanding of your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.


Wealth Planning

With success comes new challenges, and managing your wealth requires a balance between meeting today’s financial needs and preparing for the future. Working closely together, your Investment Advisor can dive into your evolving life and explore how you can effectively build and manage your wealth.


Estate & Insurance Advisory

Whether you’re focused on growing your investments in a tax efficient way, leaving a legacy to your heirs, or have concerns about adequate insurance coverage, your Investment Advisor will collaborate closely with our Estate and Insurance Advisors to help with all of your estate and insurance needs.


Banking & Borrowing

From everyday banking to private banking services, from mortgage on your property to an investment loan, your BMO Private Wealth Professional can introduce you to one of our many banking experts across BMO Financial Group.



Giving requires as much planning as saving and investing. When you decide it’s time to make a difference through giving to a community, cause or institution you’re passionate about, we can help you understand all of your options, and assist you in making informed decisions that are consistent with the kind of impact you want to make.


For more information on the services that BMO Private Wealth GTA West offers, please contact a BMO Investment Advisor today.

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