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Experienced Senior Partners who are involved with each one of our clients

Nick Glen and Tony Hume provide oversight and guidance to all parts of our practice.

With their experience and wisdom, they often provide advice on 'matters of the heart' like transfer of family wealth, proper estate planning, dealing with aging parents and raising children to be responsible with money.

Their chartered accountant background gives them deep knowledge into the analysis and study of the businesses we own, together with a focus on the importance of after-tax rates of returns for our clients.

They enjoy researching businesses, talking to company executives and research analysts inside and outside BMO Nesbitt Burns, and are vital members of our Portfolio Committee.

Their guidance, education and mentorship has ingrained their beliefs into our entire team.

A younger group of Advisors with energy and expertise

Scott, Stacey, Nassim and Andrew represent the next generation of Investment Advisors in our practice.

They bring energy, diligence, a willingness to learn, considerable expertise, and a demonstrated ability to listen to clients and to respond to their needs.

This next generation of Investment Advisors means that our clients will not have to worry about who will take care of their family when Nick and Tony decide to reduce their hours in the office.

Our clients, as well as their accountants and lawyers, have commended us for developing this business model, for, as one of them put it, "Nick and Tony will not go on forever.”

A Conscientious and Dedicated Team of Associates Advisors and Administrative Assistants

Our Advisors are strengthened by:
  • Our Associate Investment Advisors Sue Cubberley, Alex Ruel, Terresa Audet, Michelle Eldred, Cathrine Eang, Charlene Lam, Stephen Dickinson and Dagney Evanoff.
  • Our Administrative Assistants Lynne Torres, Sarah Luddington, Lisa Lee Poon and Alison Baker.

    From transacting very large block trades, managing all client documentation, responding to client requests, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and numerous other roles, our staff provide invaluable support and knowledge. Every individual in The Glen Group is committed to providing the best possible client service.

Clients and their families can depend on us for the long term.

Within our industry, most advisors work as sole practitioners who service their clients directly, with the assistance or one or two support staff.

We strongly believe that clients are better served by a team that has both the wisdom and experience of older advisors, as well as the energy and longevity of a younger advisor.

This team structure gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their portfolios will be managed for many years to come, without disruption.