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We believe in a service model which treats all clients as "A" clients

We provide each client with a level of advice and service that makes each client feel like they are an "A” client, and we tailor our service to meet the needs of that particular family.

In order to achieve excellent service standards, we have a disciplined, systematic approach that includes:
a) A comprehensive, detailed financial plan

The foundation of a client's financial success is a detailed plan that outlines the client's current net worth and cash flow, their savings ability, their retirement hopes and dreams, and the steps needed to make their dreams into their reality. The plan is updated on a regular basis to ensure everyone is on the same page and on track. This plan gives great clarity and empowerment to clients, so they know what needs to be done in order to achieve financial peace of mind and freedom.

b) Regular reviews

Face-to-face meetings are a critical component of our service model. Periodic phone reviews are scheduled based on client's wishes. These regular reviews are an opportunity for the client to let us know of any changes in their circumstances.

Many clients may find themselves going through a major life transition such as a divorce, a death in the family or another event that might require significant, focused attention for a period of time.

We believe "A” service is achieved by maintaining a flexible, client-focused approach, and we work very hard at maintaining this flexibility.
c) An organized team structure to ensure that each client is looked after

Each client is assigned to one of our four teams. Each team includes an Investment Advisor, one or two Associate Advisors, and an Administrative Assistant. Nick Glen and Tony Hume oversee all four teams.