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Lynne Torres, B.A.

Senior Sales Assistant

Tel: (604) 443-1574

Fax (604) 443-1494


Lynne was born and raised in the Philippines, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (Political Science major) from Adamson University in Manila. Prior to immigrating to Canada, Lynne spent 10 years working for an electronic semiconductor firm in the Philippines as a Customer Quality Supervisor in a technical capacity while also providing administrative support for an American and European client-base.

Lynne joined The Glen Group in 2000. As the Senior Administrative Assistant for the group, she provides invaluable assistance in navigating all administrative issues, as those of you who have spoken with her will know. She is responsible for the seamless administrative account operation of Nassim’s team and is dedicated to offering our clients prompt and diligent service.

Away from the office, you can find Lynne biking, bowling, or spending quality time with her husband Reggie and daughter Frances. Lynne also loves to bake, especially chocolate-based recipes, and enjoys her passion for singing.

2013 is a milestone year for Lynne and her family who are celebrating their 20th year in Canada.