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Our Partners

Dante Rossi, CPA, CA CFP®
Director, Tax Planning

Dante is our highly skilled tax planning specialist.  Given the remarkably significant effect of taxation on the long-term finances of our clients, having a well-qualified and experienced professional focussed entirely on tax planning strategies has proven invaluable in effectively advising our clients.  Dante works closely with us in navigating complex tax situations and unlocking hidden value through highly effective tax planning and tax optimization strategies.  The value that Dante’s unique perspective provides complements accounting that is focussed primarily in tax compliance and reporting, and addresses long-term tax implications that are of critical importance to successful financial planning.  Learn more

Linda Leung, CPA, TEP
Director, U.S. Tax Planning

Linda is our US and cross-border tax planning expert.  Given that many of our clients have residences and business opportunities in the US, Linda’s keen ability to sort through the issues that our client’s face in cross-border situations has proven to be incredibly beneficial in the financial planning process.  Linda’s skill in distilling the complexity that our clients face when dealing with cross-border taxation makes her an invaluable member of our advisory team.  Learn more

Elizabeth Bozek, B.Sc (Hons), LL.B.
Director, Estate Planning

Elizabeth is our specialist in the legal aspects of estate planning.  While our clients are investing for their lifetimes, we recognize that they will leave a significant legacy to their heirs.  Elizabeth’s role on our advisory team is to review our clients' estate plans and ensure their wishes are expressed in their legal framework, such as Wills and Powers of Attorney.  Given the long-term nature of financial planning, Elizabeth is also able to work with us when modelling out financial strategies to consider the impact on our clients’ estate plans and provide suggestions and guidance.  Elizabeth joins us from private practice in the area of estate law and has extensive experience that has proven invaluable to us and our clients.  Learn more

Jim Kraft, CPA, CA, MTax
Estate & Insurance Advisor

Jim works closely with our team as our insurance specialist.  We understand that death and disability are risks to any long-term plans, including financial plans.  Any robust financial planning should include reviewing and determining if insuring those risks is recommended.  We also recognize that for certain clients, insurance can be attractively structured as a highly tax-effective investment rather than simply a risk management tool.  This is where Jim’s expertise is especially valuable.  Jim is highly qualified in the areas of tax planning and insurance structuring, and his extensive experience coupled with his thoughtful analysis has proven extremely valuable to our clients.  Learn more

Marvi Ricker, B.Sc, M.Sc
Director, Philanthropic Advisory

Marvi rounds out our advisory team with her expertise in planned giving and philanthropy.  Marvi works with our clients to engage in meaningful and strategic giving, as well as in creating long-term philanthropic plans including the use of private foundations.  Marvi has extensive experience in foundation work and has been an incredible resource to our clients who have benefited their communities through the establishment of family foundations.  Marvi brings a very special touch to our advisory practice by assisting our clients in thinking about the bigger picture, and how they can make meaningful differences in the world we share.  Learn more


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