Women & Investing

An unprecedented transformation has occurred in Canada within the last 50 years.
Women have made tremendous strides, both professionally and personally.  Women’s level of education, leadership roles, responsibilities in the corporate world, and accumulated wealth has increased exponentially.  Despite these advancements, they are still facing personal and unresolved issues when it comes to personal finance.    
Behind women’s reluctance to talk about money lies a lack of confidence in their knowledge of financial planning and investing.  Although women demonstrate stronger savings rates and enjoy better long-term investment performance than men, too many women still hesitate to take control of their finances. 
This is concerning, given that 90% of women will have to manage their finances on their own at some point in their life.  Although 92% of women are eager to learn about financial planning and 74% are proactive about saving for the future:

  • Only 47% are confident talking about money and investing with a professional

  • 80% confess they have refrained from having financial conversations

  • 78% consider themselves savers, compared to 22% who consider themselves investors

  • 60% worry about having enough money to last through retirement

  • 66% are caregivers who shoulder the major burden of care

Paying attention to this disconnect is crucial.  We are committed to empowering women to take control of their financial future. 
Let’s talk about what keeps you up at night. 


  • Am I contributing enough to my RRSP and TFSA?

  • What’s my investment objective?  What’s my risk tolerance?

  • Are my investments doing as well as current global equity markets?

  • What could I do maximize my potential return and make money work harder for me?

  • Am I saving enough to meet short and medium term financial goals?

  • Do I have enough of an emergency fund set aside? 

  • Am I saving enough to ensure a comfortable retirement?  When can I retire?

  • Do my retirement funds take into account rising health care costs?

  • Am I saving enough to fund my children’s education?

  • What would happen to me if I lost my job tomorrow?

  • What would happen to me if my spouse passed away suddenly?

  • Do I have an updated financial plan accounting for “What If” scenarios?

  • What type of lasting legacy would I like to leave my loved ones?

Providing clarity around important questions like these is our specialty.  Together, we discuss your current financial situation, review your savings strategies and investment solutions, and implement a plan. We then monitor this plan on a regular basis, to ensure your investments are growing to meet your retirement goals.


For an initial consultation, please contact us.

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