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Megan Sutherland

Tel: 403-261-9508

525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1000
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

Megan’s path to becoming an Investment Advisor started in 2003 when she received an insurance settlement for a car accident that happened when she was 18 years old.  She was a client for five years before starting in financial services in 2008.  She became an Investment Advisor to help people in a patient, understanding and empathetic way. 

Being a trusted advisor is a privilege; Megan will always do her best and will be committed to the success of each one of her clients.  She will always make decisions with her clients’ best interest at heart.  That is the commitment that you can rely on.

Core Values

Being true to our clients and ourselves is the foundation of everything we do. 

Positive Impact
We are dedicated to making a positive difference in our clients’ lives.  By being committed to help clients meet their goals, support them through hard times, and to be a trusted partner throughout their journey.   

100% responsibility / 0% excuses for not doing our absolute best

Continuous Learning and Betterment
In life there is always room for improvement.  We are committed to continuously bettering ourselves, to be better for our clients.   

Transfer of Knowledge
Possessing skills and knowledge is a gift.  Whether it’s with clients, friends, family, or the community, taking the time to share that gift is always a rewarding and worthwhile experience.