Our Services

The majority of entrepreneurs, physicians, professionals and families we advise already have an accountant, a notary and/or an attorney whom they consult on an occasional or regular basis.

Our distinctive role is to act as a financial guide who takes a comprehensive view of their situation, draws a clear path forward and helps them make the right decisions, without any stress or pressure.

This service is known as financial planning. Key to our practice, this holistic approach enables us to take everything into consideration and develop a consistent strategy covering all your short, medium, and long-term needs. As you can see, you are at the centre of all we do!

A 360° expertise for your wealth

Portfolio management: Depending on your lifestyle, your income and your needs, we will develop a customized investment strategy and recommend the vehicles most suited to your investor profile. We will regularly analyze your portfolio performance and propose rebalancing shifts based on market changes and life events.
Did you know? With discretionary portfolio management, you can delegate the administration of your assets to your advisor. Having someone take care of everything with your interest at heart can provide greater peace of mind. 

Taxation: Lowering your tax burden is an effective way of growing and preserving your wealth. After analyzing your current situation, we will suggest a number of actions that could result in a reduced tax liability for you and your heirs. 

Retirement: How much should you set aside every month for your retirement? How much will you be able to count on? Will it be enough to achieve your dreams? We will always be at your side to examine your circumstances, plan your retirement income and prepare the transition.

Succession and legacy: The issue of succession is crucial for entrepreneurs, as part of their assets is locked in their business. Our extensive experience in this field is an invaluable asset for business executives who are caught up in the whirlwind of daily operations and don’t have the time to plan and prepare for this major step in their lives.

Managing risks, contingencies... and love at first sight: Life is not always plain sailing! And a financial plan, however detailed, is not a series of decisions set in stone forever. A crush for a cottage, a new mortgage, a move abroad, a company buyout, a divorce or an illness are things that do happen.

You cannot necessarily foresee such events, but you can react, adjust and find solutions to face them serenely.
For this too, you can always count on us.


Our commitments to you and your loved ones

  • Unbiased advice on your finances, your portfolio and the options to be considered. In all circumstances, your best interest is our only concern.
  • An investment philosophy focusing on balance and simplicity. We believe in intelligible solutions and clear, low-fee financial vehicles.
  • Optimized management and transaction fees. With our fee-based accounts, you can, in certain cases, deduct a portion of the fees from your income taxes.
  • A loyal and steady presence. We have been proudly serving some of our clients for close to 15 years. Today, their children are coming to us for advice!
  • Accessibility. However complex financial products and markets may be, we are committed to making everything easy to understand.
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