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The Starting Point With New Clients

My client's financial needs will be analyzed through a sophisticated Financial Planning process using software available through BMO Nesbitt Burns. I have found that most clients are interested in plans designed 5-10 years out with the goal of answering the question "Will I have enough money to meet my family's goals". A review of the markets (see equity philosophy), input from the Financial Planning process along with the client's investment experience will lead to the development of a personal asset mix. See Investor Profiles for more information on asset mix.
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A Typical Client Profile

Individuals who are focused on taking care of their family and meeting financial objectives to seek personal freedom.

Individuals who are concerned that prudent investment strategies are used to give them a successful investment experience, while liking to avoid technical discussions and details.

Minimum combined portfolio (family accounts linked together) of $500,000, with consideration given to current savings. This allows for value added through portfolio design and cost controls.
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Fixed Income/ Bonds/ GICs Philosophy

Individuals invest in fixed income products to preserve wealth therefore only the highest quality securities should be purchased. Active management of domestic bonds has historically shown little benefit. Investing in Global Bond Funds, with currency risk removed, can increase exposure to higher yielding countries, add an extra level of diversification while continuing to invest in high quality securities.
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Equity Management Philosophy

Diversification is not just a buzzword in the investment business. It is essential at a number of levels within a portfolio. Stock markets are priced relatively efficiently, meaning the price that a company trades at reflects all the current information about that company. Also, historically, value (distressed companies) and smaller companies have significantly outperformed larger companies over the long-term See DFA Research. These facts provide the opportunity to position equities so that they offer efficient risk/return profiles while minimizing costs. Focusing on factors that explain the variability of returns in equities allows you to reduce risks which you have not historically been rewarded for taking.
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Tax Planning

Minimizing income tax is a major issue within the structure of your investment accounts and the types of investments held in each account. Holding high-turnover and fully taxable investments within tax-sheltered plans, income splitting techniques and creating plans which allow management fees to be deducted against income are all examples of basic tax reduction strategies.
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Other Services

Gateway allows 24 hours a day internet access to your investments at BMO Nesbitt Burns, using the strongest encryption technology available, making it completely secure.
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