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Overall Investment Philosophy


Your Doctor will tell you three things to give you a better chance at living a healthy life:

  1. Eat right,

  2. Exercise and

  3. Get enough sleep

You will still get sick, but it might not be as severe and recovery may be quicker.

As an Investment Advisor I suggest three things to give you a better chance at creating a successful investment experience:

  1. Diversify,

  2. Watch your costs and

  3. Have a discipline/process regarding your portfolio structure

As with your health, things will go wrong (short-term performance will be under your long-term expectations) but it might not be as severe and recovery may be quicker.

As with your Doctor's advice, doing what we know to be correct is not as easy as it should be. One of the most valuable parts of my service is to ensure Investors stick to their long-term plans through market greed and fear periods - this is part of the discipline/process embedded in portfolio structure.

Diversification within investment types and through the inclusion of many different types of investments (or asset classes) creates portfolios consistent with Modern Portfolio Theory. Diversification need not be expensive.

Costs come in many forms - all representing negative returns to Investors. Active stock trading can increase costs, taxation, hidden bid/ask spread cost (particularly within smaller companies) and should be viewed in a cost-benefit perspective.

By combining these three main factors and adding portfolio return dimensions (see www.dfacanada.com) I have created a program called Structured Asset Management. Your personal goals, time horizon and investment experience shape the structure of a diversified portfolio.

My goal is to create tax efficient, diversified portfolios that help meet my clients' needs and risk tolerance in a fee conscious manner. Learn more about my investment philosophy.