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RESP Withdrawal Checklist
This checklist details how to efficiently withdraw cash from your family's RESP to pay for your children's post-secondary education.
FCSI Brochure
Mark was named a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute in 2007. He is one of just 3500 in all of Canada to hold this designation of excellence.
An Introduction to RRSPs
Reviews RRSP saving strategies, withdrawals, investment choices, special situations and retirement planning.
GICs Are Not Risk Free
The term Guaranteed in “Guaranteed Investment Certificate” has come to represent a sense of investors’ blind faith in the quality of the issuers. GIC risks include inflation and taxes, as well as most GICs offer very limited secondary liquidity which, if it does exist, normally comes at a cost in the form of a penalty.
Tax Free Savings Accounts
Starting in 2009, individuals residing in Canada, who are 18 years of age and older, can contribute up to $5,500 per year into a TFSA where the holdings grow and earn income tax-free.
Joint Ownership of Property
There are many advantages to Joint Ownership of Property but there are several significant risks as well. This article details the pros and cons you must understand about joint ownership.
RESP's - an introduction
An excellent overview of the features and benefits of RESP accounts, and answers to many commonly asked questions.
The Value of Advice
The value of investment advice is reviewed, with data from independent, third-party research firms with the aim to provide a clear, unbiased view of what advice means to the financial well-being of Canadians and their confidence in the future.
Client Survey Results
Client Survey results for the Hougen Wealth Management Team by Advisor Impact
American Depositary Receipts And The U.S. Dollar
Though ADRs are denominated in U.S. dollars, the investor in an ADR has no exposure to changes in the value of the U.S. dollar. This article explains why.
The new Registered Disability Savings Plan
The RDSP is a registered savings plan designed to provide for the long-term financial security of a person with disabilities. Contributions, with the added benefit of government grants and bonds, and with tax deferred growth, make RDSPs a powerful investment tool
Taking Money Out of An RESP
This report provides you with some details on how and when to withdraw funds from an RESP, as well as information on qualifying educational institutions.
RRIF accounts - an introduction
An excellent overview of the features of RRIF accounts, and answers to many commonly asked questions.
BMO Nesbitt Burns Announcement
Read the announcement of Mark's new appointment as a Vice President.
PM Announcement
Mark recently earned the prestigious Portfolio Manager designation. This elite achievement is highly regarded in the financial services industry and is a significant milestone for Mark
FCSI Announcement
The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI™) is proud to announce that Mark Hougen of BMO Nesbitt Burns, has been awarded the Fellow of CSI (FCSI) designation – the most senior financial services designation granted in Canada.
Survey Results
Client Survey results for Mark and his team.
Best Full Service Investment Firm in Canada
The GBFR (Global Banking and Finance Review) named BMO Nesbitt Burns as the Best Full Service Investment Advisory Firm in Canada.
RRIF Payout Schedule
RRIF withdrawal schedule and payout options that you need to consider.
An introduction to Bonds
An excellent overview of Fixed Income products, reviews the features and benefits of each, an essential read for investors.
Being a Snowbird vs. Permanent Retirement Abroad
Retirement Considerations: Being a Snowbird vs. Permanent Retirement Abroad. Whatever your choice, there are important financial considerations for each.
Locked-In Retirement Plans
A review of LIRA's, LIF's and LRIF's, and when you have access to these locked-in assets.
Preferred Shares - An Introduction
Income-oriented investors are attracted to the relatively high and tax efficient dividends that Preferred shares pay. In this publication, we take a look at the Canadian preferred share market and the different types of shares in the marketplace.
The 4 Keys To Successful Longevity
“If you live to be 100, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.” --George Burns. This article reviews the 4 keys for successful longevity in Canada.
RRSP Maturity Options
In the year you turn 71, you must make a decision what to do with your RRSP - this article highlights your options.
A Guide to Understanding Registered Plans
An overview of TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, IPP, RESP and RDSP accounts.
They Don't Ring A Bell At The Bottom
'I’m waiting for things to turn around' is not an investment strategy. They do not ring a bell at the bottom, and by the time the headlines confirm the economy is improving, stocks have already moved higher.
Tax Planning Strategies
The CRA’s Foreign Reporting Requirements
Since Canada represents only a small portion of the world’s capitalization, it may make sense to include some foreign investments in your portfolio. However, it is important to understand Canadian and other foreign tax implications of owning investments outside of Canada.
U.S. Citizens Living in Canada
This publication outlines some of the significant U.S. tax issues that can arise for US citizens (including Green Card holders) who are Canadian residents for income tax purposes.
US tax law changes affecting Canadians
Changes in US tax law will affect Canadians who own a US vacation property. Written by Roy Berg, a US attorney who practices in Alberta.
Mind Your Taxes in Retirement
To achieve tax efficiency in retirement, a mindset change is required – moving from minimizing current year taxes to the longer-term objective of maximizing aftertax income for the entire retirement period.
Home Away From Home
Purchasing an American residential property may sound lucrative, but hidden costs, complex tax and estate planning issues, and important lifestyle choices must be considered.
Understanding Capital Losses
This article will discuss capital gains and losses, the 30 day superficial loss rule and when it may be appropriate to offset capital gains with losses.
Pension Income Splitting for Couples
**Updated** The pension income-splitting rules provides an opportunity for couples to reduce their overall family tax bill.
U.S. Estate Tax For Canadians
This article highlights the potential US estate taxes that could apply to Canadian estates and suggests a number of planning opportunities that may help individuals minimize these taxes.
Strategies to Minimize Capital Gains Taxes
We examine strategies to reduce the impact of a potential tax hit on realized capital gains as well as other related considerations of the voluntary or involuntary sale of a security or other investment resulting in the realization of a capital gain.
Tax and Estate Consequences of U.S. Investing
If you own U.S. securities such as stocks issued by a U.S. corporation or real property located in the U.S., you may also have to pay U.S. income and estate tax. However, there are ways to minimize your U.S. estate tax.
Understanding Personal Holding Companies
This article outlines the significant tax implications for a Canadian resident individual owning investment assets and earning investment income through a "HoldCo" including various tax planning techniques and tax pitfalls.
Donating Appreciated Securities
With proper planning, you can reduce your total income tax liability and maximize the value of your donation. In an effort to increase charitable donations, the federal government has eliminated the capital gains tax on donations of publicly traded securities to public charitable organizations.
CRA's New Foreign Reporting Requirements
The 2013 Federal Budget introduced several changes to Form T1135 (Foreign Income Verification Statement). If the aggregate cost of your foreign assets exceeded CDN$100,000 at any time during the year, you are required to file a T1135 with the CRA.
Canadian Ownership of U.S. Property
it is important for those who are considering a purchase of U.S. residential property to understand the U.S. reporting and tax issues related to their ownership of U.S. real property, in addition to the Canadian tax implications.
Canadian Snowbirds and US Income Tax
We review the US Income tax implications for Canadian Snowbirds.
How Investment Income is Taxed
Knowing how tax rules affect your investments is essential in order to maximize your after tax return.
Tax Implications When Investing in U.S. Property
The increased focus by U.S. tax authorities has exposed many Canadian investors to tax compliance issues, and has resulted in substantial, unrecoverable financial penalties and interest being assessed. It is important for Canadian individuals investing in U.S. real property to understand the tax implications and their tax reporting obligations.
Completing Your 2019 Income Tax Return – Checklist
As the tax filing deadline approaches, here are some reminders to help ensure you’re prepared to file your personal income tax return, and that you maximize your tax savings.
Tax Tips For Investors
Knowing how the tax rules affect your investments is essential. Tax strategies that you should consider such as income splitting, charitable giving and estate planning.
Estate & Succession Planning
Estate Planning: Family Meeting Guide
If you have been unable to sit down with your family (yet) to discuss the family Estate Plan, this is the guide to help make it happen.
Wills That Work
This article reviews how to create a Will that will work for your Estate Planning goals.
Executor's Task List
Executors are responsible for a variety of tasks ranging from funeral arrangements to filing income tax returns with the CRA, to the final distribution of estate assets. If you are appointed Executor, our Task List will provide you with some guidance by describing the types of duties you will be required to perform.
Testamentary Trusts: Inheritance Tax Planning
Tax Planning for an Inheritance by utilizing a Testamentary Trusts can provide tax benefits to your heirs, as well as important asset protection.
Your Plan for the Family Vacation Property
Designing your plan for future ownership of the family cottage, cabin or other recreational real estate can be challenging. Considering capital gains taxes, usage, liquidity, property taxes, repairs and other factors is essential in creating an effective plan.
Probate Fees and Taxes
This article discusses probate and ideas on how to reduce probate costs. Probate costs vary significantly among the provinces and territories and planning to reduce probate costs has become a very important part of an estate plan.
Trusts for Asset Protection and Tax Savings
Trusts can provide protection for your wealth and tax advantages such as income splitting to reduce taxes. Without a Trust, your assets may be vulnerable to creditors, be depleted by spendthrift family members, and be subject to higher taxes.
Top 10 Reasons To Consider A Corporate Executor
The demands of being an Executor, along with the potential for personal liability, can be overwhelming. Depending on your circumstances and the complexity of your estate, you may want to use the services of a Corporate Executor.
A Case Study on Trusts for a Surviving Spouse
A Trust can maximize after-tax income for the surviving spouse and ensures that your wealth stays in the family in the event your spouse remarries. A surviving spouse will have complete freedom to dispose of his or her inheritance if no trust is imposed. This can cause concern in the event the surviving spouse remarries, or where there are children from an earlier marriage.
Being An Executor
This article explains what is involved in being an Executor. It looks at issues to consider before you accept the job as well as common questions and examples; and a checklist that helps guide you when your are thrust into the role of Executor.
Equity Research Strengths & Distinctions
Our goal is to be a leader in investment research, providing investors with insight and actionable money-making investment ideas.
Rates Scenario
Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Strategy. Outlines the firm’s short and medium-term interest rate and foreign exchange rate forecasts.
Economic and Market Updates
The Goods
A Monthly Commodity Watch-Tracks BMO Capital Market's Commodity Price Index and provides commentary and forecasts.
Portfolio Strategy
Strategic commentary and an overview of financial markets.
Current News / Affairs
Eligible Dividends
Tax rates vary by Province so even the most tax-conscious investors may not appreciate how the changes to the taxation of eligible dividends may impact their after-tax returns. This article also includes the "Tax Free" dividend summary so important to retirees.
Common Investment Terms
Having a firm understanding of common financial terms helps ensure that you stay well informed about your portfolio’s progress and positioning.
The Wisdom of Great Investors
Insights from Some of History’s Greatest Investment Minds on how to navigate an ever-changing market environment and build long-term wealth.
How to prevent fraud if you lose your cell phone
Your contact information, photos and sensitive personal financial information are all vulnerable when your phone is lost or stolen. However, there are preemptive and protective strategies to minimize the risks.
Education and Knowledge
Prescribed Rate Loans
Reduce your Taxes with a Prescribed Rate Loan from the high income spouse to the lower income spouse.
Where To Find Inflation Protection
An explanation why Common equity, most particularly cyclical stocks and industrials, are the most effective investments in an inflationary environment.
Staying Safe Online
The Internet has made it easy to conduct business, and to manage our finances. However, there are serious risks. This article covers internet scams, how to surf the internet and protect yourself, reviews social networking sites and smartphone security.
How Recent CPP Changes Affect You
This article provides an overview of the CPP and the key changes being phased in between 2011 and 2016, and to help you make an informed decision about the optimum timing for you to start taking CPP.
The Little Black Book of Scams
This is a great Canadian resource for how to recognize and avoid scams and fraud, and how to protect yourself and all generations in your family.
Beware of Identity Theft
Identity thieves need only a small amount of information, as little as your name and birthdate, to start building their new identity and committing fraud. There are many simple but important steps that you can take to protect yourself.
Protect Your Money: Avoid Fraud and Scams
You’ve heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” It’s good advice, but how can you tell what’s too good to be true? After all, a scam has to be believable to be successful.
Investing Handbook
Asset allocation explains ~90% of the return and volatility experienced in a portfolio, so understanding the three asset classes (cash, bonds and stocks) enables you to assess your own tolerance for risk, and if your return objectives are realistic.
Seven Common Investment Mistakes
Investing is an emotional endeavor, especially when the money was the product of years and years of hard work and discipline. In this article, we’ll examine some common mistakes investors make.