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Estate Planning

Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan
Until recently, the idea of leaving a digital inheritance wasn’t generally a consideration for most people, but not anymore. In fact, it’s become a necessity when preparing your estate plan.
Digital Security – Keeping Your Personal and Account Information Safe
This article provides a few simple ways you can protect yourself online, as well as some key reminders for detecting fraud. 
Preparing Your Last Will and Testament
Having a Will can save your estate money, save your family a lot of anguish and frustration, and minimize or eliminate the nasty estate litigation that has plagued the estates of Walt Disney, Jimi Hendrix and Prince.
Exploring Charitable Giving
Understanding donor advised funds and private foundations.
Providing Support at a Time of Loss
This guide will help you understand the responsibilities of an executor and the key activities related to settling an estate.
Top 10 Reasons To Consider A Corporate Executor
The demands of being an Executor, along with the potential for personal liability, can be overwhelming. Depending on your circumstances and the complexity of your estate, you may want to use the services of a Corporate Executor. 
Being An Executor in Alberta
This article explains what is involved in being an Executor in Alberta. It looks at issues to consider before you accept the job as well as common questions and examples; and a checklist that helps guide you when you're are thrust into the role of Executor.
Being An Executor in British Columbia
This booklet is about putting your affairs in order and planning for the future. Inside you will find information about being an executor, what to do when someone has asked you to be their executor and where can I get more help?  This publication reflects British Columbia law, and the most recent version can always be found here, wiki version.
Trusts for Asset Protection and Tax Savings
Trusts can provide protection for your wealth and tax advantages such as income splitting to reduce taxes. Without a Trust, your assets may be vulnerable to creditors, be depleted by spendthrift family members, and be subject to higher taxes.
Probate Fees and Taxes
This article discusses probate and ideas on how to reduce probate costs. Probate costs vary significantly among the provinces and territories and planning to reduce probate costs has become a very important part of an estate plan.
Estate Planning: Family Meeting Guide
If you have been unable to sit down with your family (yet) to discuss the family Estate Plan, this is the guide to help make it happen.
Your Plan for the Family Vacation Property
Designing your plan for future ownership of the family cottage, cabin or other recreational real estate can be challenging. Considering capital gains taxes, usage, liquidity, property taxes, repairs and other factors is essential in creating an effective plan.