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We help our clients articulate and formalize their goals. 
Then we provide a tenacious and proactive process to help our clients avoid financial landmines and to keep them on track to reach their goals and live their dreams.

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Mark Hougen
Traci Meades
Maria Savino-Woroniuk
Clark Sutter

Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
525 8th Avenue SW - Reception on 10th Floor
Suite 1100
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

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Our Core Investment Philosophy

To manage wealth effectively, we must design and implement a personalized financial plan (including an Investment Policy Statement, Investment Plan and Retirement Analysis) for each of our clients. This is the "blueprint” or foundation for financial success. We do not believe that guessing or "winging it” are effective ways to manage our client's hard earned money.

  • We have unique approach and proven process
  • We are proactive and time efficient
  • We provide perspective
  • We coordinate all of our client's financial affairs
  • We follow through with tenacity
  • We offer boutique investment management within one of Canada's largest investment firms

Our Business Beliefs

  1. Investing is simple, it's just not easy
  2. A goal without a written plan is just a wish
  3. A proven process is the key ingredient to long-term success
  4. A formalized plan is a gift to your family
  5. Good investing is boring
  6. Hope is not a strategy
  7. Risk is a fact of life and needs to be managed
  8. To reach your Financial Goals requires an anticipatory service model with proactive advice

Our Ideal Clients

  1. Want a process to reach their goals
  2. Want a professional team to quarterback their financial affairs, and ensure they reach their goals
  3. Put a high value on advice and guidance
  4. Are willing to make an investment in their future and a commitment to the process
  5. Have significant Investible Assets: minimum $750k

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