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Our Process

Each of our clients brings a unique set of circumstances, goals, lifestyles, and risk tolerences to the table. In order to best deliver the advice, services, and investment products that are most needed, we ensure that our relationship with you begins with a thorough review and examination of each aspect of your finances. We spend time listening to you and, together, uncover opportunities that may expand your aspirations.

Here is a brief overview of the process we employ with our clients;

Setting Your Financial Objectives

Our investment process begins with helping you develop a comprehensive understanding of your present financial resources, liabilities and objectives, as well as the risk level with which you are comfortable.

Develop Your Asset Allocation

We believe that asset allocation planning is one of the most effective investment techniques investors can employ. Historical data has shown that the correct asset allocation strategy can provide diversification to your portfolio, enhance returns, and lower overall portfolio volatility. Based upon your risk tolerances, investment goals, and cash flow needs, we will recommend to you an asset allocation plan that may involve a variety of different securities and asset classes. The possibilities may include, but are not limited to, individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), separately managed accounts, and alternative asset classes, such as private equity and hedge fund investments.

Selecting An Investment Manager

With our background in asset management, we believe we are very well equipped to help you navigate through the myriad choices of investment professionals. Should your investment plan warrant the use of a separately managed account, we will determine your portfolio manager recommendations by utilizing strict screening criteria available through the firm’s Top Ranked Research Team.

Ongoing Review

We will monitor and review the investments in your portfolio in an ongoing manner and will, from time to time, proactively recommend to you that changes be made based upon market events or a change in the investment landscape. We also feel that an imperative aspect of our relationship with you is an open communication exchange that will provide us with information about important changes in your life; for instance, a promotion at work, an upcoming retirement, or the loss of a loved one. To have the most current information allows us to provide you with the most appropriate advice as your life situation changes.