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Integrated Financial Planning



Our unique approach begins with an overview of your family wealth. Family wealth management is about much more than money. It is first and foremost your ability to live your life the way you were meant to and to reach the objectives that you have set for yourself, your family and your business in order to create a legacy that reflects your values.   

At the Blanchard Group, we always start with the premise that your family wealth must be planned and managed in an integrated manner. As a successful company brings several disciplines to work together (such as accounting, sales, legal, etc.), families with substantial wealth should have a coordinated approach to the management of their affairs.

Many families work with advisors in specific disciplines such as tax, legal, insurance and investments. Yet more often than not, they must coordinate the activities themselves, having to repeat their story over and over again.  This results in a dissociated mixture of investment strategies and services that are in discordance with the family's objectives.

Our role is to develop an integrated financial independence plan and to identify areas requiring specific external expertise. We typically work with our clients' existing professionals, especially when there is a long-term relationship in place. Otherwise we introduce them to professionals from our wide network of specialists who will best meet their needs.