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Lori Livingstone
Lindsay Tortorici

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When I was getting divorced, I found myself emotionally and physically overwhelmed. I believe that I was able to successfully navigate my divorce by relying on the expert advice of some really good people including my accountant. And, thanks to his referral, Lori Livingstone. She was a rock! She sat with me and systematically covered all the aspects of my finances to ensure that my financial future would be secure for me and my children. It was a relief to have that part of my life in the hands of a trustworthy, extremely competent financial advisor. Her years of experience in this industry really show. She has a rare combination of investment smarts and a caring nature. Over the years, she has proven herself over and over again. I remain extremely grateful for our relationship and the services that Lori and her team provide.

T.N., Recent Divorcee

We have been Lori’s clients for several years now, and have always been impressed and exceptionally happy with her work on our behalf. I first met Lori in the spring of 2008 after being power of attorney for my mother for several years. Not being very familiar with the world of financial investments, I had found it difficult at first to find an adviser who gave sound advice and managed my mother’s investments well. After consulting with a trusted friend, I finally decided that part of my dissatisfaction arose out of dealing with people who work on commission instead of working with a discretionary portfolio manager. As it turns out, my timing was fortunate, as we came on board with Lori just before the infamous financial meltdown got under way. Being a cautious and intelligent investor, Lori was able to minimize our losses to a much greater extent than would have occurred with our previous advisers, as I later discovered. We lost little and recovered quickly, much to my relief, and with even more gratitude to Lori for getting us through these rough economic times. But Lori’s sensitivity to our family’s needs means that she has consistently gone beyond being merely an excellent financial adviser and investor, and that’s why my husband and I felt so comfortable staying on with Lori after my mother passed away. Lori and her team of expert financial planners are helping us to build a solid financial future, and we feel extremely fortunate to be her clients.

M.R., Professor                                                                                                                         ________________________________________

Lori Livingstone has handled our retirement savings for over ten years. She has the ability to form strong relationships with her clients and relate to couples like us, where one of the parties is quite informed as to financial matters and the other is not. She is both thoughtful and experienced. Our only regret is that we did not transfer our full holdings over to her well before the latest downturn. Had we done that we would be in a much better financial position now. Lori is forward looking and careful and always cognizant of her client’s needs at their particular time of life. We would wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Livingstone’s professional expertise and foresight.

T & M., Lawyers

I was introduced to Lori by a boyhood friend who insisted that, if I was looking for someone to handle my personal finances and those of my family, I could do no better than Lori Livingstone. I was, coincidentally, in the process of moving my elderly mother, along with her financial portfolio, to Toronto from the Prairies where she lived. I was in need of a safe 'home' for my mother's financial world and decided to give my friend's recommendation a try. That was two years ago. My mother is now safely ensconced in a lovely retirement home in Toronto which she has no fear of not being able to afford due to the attentive, personal, comprehensive care and attention given to her (and her investments) by her new Toronto financial advisor, Lori. She loves the attention she gets and feels that she is in excellent hands at this most important time in her life. And her son, me, was impressed as well. So much so that I soon followed my mom's lead and moved my and my family's financial affairs over to Lori's capable care. At this stage in my own life when, over the next few years, I plan to be moving away from a full throttle high stress job in the development/architecture industry towards something less all consuming (and less income generating), it was important that I found someone who took an interest in me and my family as people and not just as another file. Lori has proven to be that person and more. She has capably taken command of the investment portfolio which forms the backbone of my family's future. A new emphasis on risk management was given. And a new (for me) attentive, personal, informative style put in place. I feel, for the first time in many years, totally at ease as regards my financial 'world'. Lori has become my most trusted financial advisor, but, in many respects more importantly, my good friend. I can think of no higher praise or better endorsement.
M.G, Architect

Lori is diligent, accessible, attentive and informed. I have, and would continue to, recommend her services.

J.H., Federal Court Judge

As professionals in private practice we appreciate the excellent service Lori provides. Our meetings with Lori result in peace of mind, which puts an end to sleepless nights. Lori listens and applies both professional expertise, and high ethical standards with attention to detail. We would highly recommend Lori and her team...

J & M.

I have worked with Lori over the last four years as my portfolio manager. My previous experiences left me disillusioned and dissatisfied. I was looking for real guidance from a seasoned professional. I needed a trusted expert who could truly take over and be my eyes and ears and protect and secure my financial investments. Lori and her team has surpassed my expectations. They took the time to understand my needs, my fear about losing money but still wanting long term growth. As a female small business owner, my investments are critical to my retirement and frankly I wanted a woman who genuinely cared about my situation and to show a hands on approach. Most importantly through this market turmoil Lori has kept in touch and made me feel safe in understanding our short and long term goals. Compared to most people I know, my portfolio has fared very well. She was cautious and it really paid off. I highly recommend Lori and her team and commend their work so far!!!

J.Y., Entrepreneur

We became your clients not simply because of a colleagues’ referral but more importantly
because you were so accommodating of our own need for due diligence in selecting a new portfolio manager. Your full service approach through which we received expert advice on taxation, insurance, estate planning as well as your success in managing our investments in this really rocky period is truly appreciated. We now have greater confidence than we had with any previous investment manager.

PM & BK., Retired Professionals                                                                                                    ________________________________________

The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.