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Lori Livingstone
Teresa Bellissimo

Tel: 416-359-5702
Toll Free: 1800-263-1883
Fax: 416-359-6535

1 First Canadian Place
39th Floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

We are a team of seasoned professionals committed to providing a select group of high net worth individuals, families, and foundations with exceptional discretionary investment and wealth management services.
Here is what you can expect from us:

Complete Independence and Objectivity

As portfolio managers providing discretionary money management, we are fiduciaries and are held to the highest standard of care. All investments are based solely on clients' best interests and we do not take any trailers or fees from third parties. We are not salespeople.

Full Transparency

Clients pay a fee based on the value of their investments ensuring interests are aligned. Clients know exactly what fees are paid and what their investment performance is.

A Defined Process

We are risk managers first and foremost. We structure portfolios to maximize returns consistent with a clients' personal risk tolerance.  We minimize risk through proper diversification, quality of investments, and dividends. We are opportunistic and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Professional Excellence

We manage the comprehensive financial health of clients through decades of experience in Portfolio Management, Retirement and Estate planning, and advanced tax strategies. The team keeps up with industry best practices to ensure we provide the best solutions at all times for our clients.

Superior Client Service

We are able to focus on superior service by significantly limiting the number of client relationships we have. Our clients receive a highly personal experience. Our clients decide how often they would like to meet us and how much contact they want.