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My Services

Financial and Retirement Planning:

Many Canadians do not have a written financial or retirement plan. Often, although we worry about our retirement and dutifully make an RRSP contribution every February, we really don’t know how much we need to retire, and what type of lifestyle we wish to live when we finally stop working. This is where I can help, by establishing clear goals that we can, as a team, work on acheiving. An hour long consultation will provide you with the peace of mind that your contributions will work for you.

Investment Products and Services

Managed Portfolio Account  - As an Associate Portfolio Manager, I follow your Investment Policy Statement and I am entrusted to make make investment decisions without the requirement for you to review and approve each transaction.  This creates a highly customized investment strategy without the time taken for day-today decision making.

Meridian Account - Using my advice and the input of BMO Nesbitt Burns’ top-ranked researchers, build and adjust a well-balanced portfolio of equities and fixed-income instruments. Instead of traditional commissions, you are charged a percentage based fee according to the value of your account. The Merdian fee may be tax deductable for non-registered accounts. Three basic models are tailored for your specific needs:


Balanced Growth and Income; and

Growth and Income

Guided Portfolios - The Guided Portfolio is a simple process designed to provide a disciplined approach to managing your equity portfolio. By following the guidelines, your portfolio will always be well diversified and structured to fit the current BMO Capital Markets economic outlook. Furthermore, you will always own a well diversified portfolio of well rated stocks with attractive fundamental prospects. The diversification enhances your portfolio’s ability to deliver attractive returns long-term while reducing risk at the same time.

Quadrant - A professionally managed mutual fund wrap program using specialized funds from SEI Investments that offer multi-managers to ensure diversification.

BluePrint - Separately managed portfolios where you own the underlying securities instead of a mutual fund. Focuses on the use of BMO top-ranked research to construct the portfolio and BMO Nesbitt Burns’ Portfolio Management Advisory Group to provide oversight.

Architect - A unified managed account that brings together the best of mutual fund investing with the best of institutional money management. This is brought together in one coordinated portfolio, with all the rigorous oversight and due diligence from our BMO Nesbitt Burns internal and external teams including Placemark Investments.

Top Ranked Research

Exclusively available to all BMO Nesbitt Burns clients free of charge, our Gateway service offers you 24-hour internet access to your account information, top ranked research, quotes, news, charts, and much more.