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All-essential Financial Planning

All-essential Financial Planning

The hardest part of our job is educating our clients to understand that they need a 360-degree financial plan. They often come to us when they "need to make choice", but it's wiser to plan for those choices proactively.

The truth is, we can’t responsibly invest your money without knowing everything about you – that can backfire. So we invest in context of your big picture:

 We initiate discussions and build out financial plans.
 Then we draw in experts from our deep bench of internal partners across BMO Financial Group as needed. Clients with complex needs receive experienced advice and vast resources
  • Sophisticated, comprehensive financial planning
  • Canadian tax planning
  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Retirement income planning
  • Transition planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Tax, Wills and estate planning.
In addition, we network with external experts with whom we have built trusted relationships.

Planning A Fabulous Retirement

Going from Paycheque to PlaychequeTM
Larry Ross has 30 years of working with retirees and seniors. He has seen far too many people put away money with no purpose – or retire without a sense of direction for where they want their lives to go. He likes to set clients free and give them their money back, sharing stories of what other people have done to enjoy their wealth and asking thought-provoking questions that spark the courage to spend.

The No-Retirement SolutionTM
Larry helps people transition their thinking away from a full-stop retirement. He coaches people to consider keeping the routines they now enjoy from their careers and combining them with the attractive activities and benefits of retirement. He asks people to begin that ideal combination early, utilizing tools such as the mini-sabbatical and the longevity exercise: thinking about what you’re going to enjoy during all those extra healthy years that many of us will experience.

The Lottery QuestionTM
“A client in her late 80s had a great nest egg. I asked her, ‘If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing you would do?’ She said, ‘I would take my entire family on a cruise.’ I told her to start planning because she had a significant unrealized gain. So she spent $US65K to take her entire family cruising for a week.
“Years later, after she passed away, family members came up to me at her memorial and said that that cruise was one of the best occasions they had ever shared with their grandmother. It gave them concentrated time with her and a chance to truly get to know and love her. That was one of the biggest wins of my career, yet it had less to do with the stock market.”
– Larry Ross

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