Maximizing opportunities to enhance your wealth and life

The Ross Group Wealth Advisors

We don't just invest your money. We help you decide what your money is for and what it could do for you. Then, we challenge you to recognize and seize financial and personal opportunities.

At the Ross Group Wealth Advisors, we work with future-minded, goal-oriented investors and help keep them on the path to greater wealth. Following our unique approach to portfolio management and wealth planning, we deliver astute risk and tax mitigation strategies and help our clients make sound decisions to secure their wealth and expand their lives.

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Our Approach

We become your financial quarterback and build long-term, comprehensive strategies rather than short-term, isolated quick fixes. Our sound wealth plans strive to minimize taxation and maintain your financial wellbeing now and in the future.

We proactively review portfolios and all areas of your financial picture, regularly update your wealth plan and make sure you stay on track to meet your objectives. We continually engage you in your priorities, help you explore opportunities, and challenge your assumptions about what you can do and when.

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We Pledge To:

  • Deliver outstanding service.

  • Finish what we start, follow through on our promises and follow up on our recommendations.

  • Never take our commitments lightly. 

  • Focus the agenda on you and endeavour to see things through your eyes.

  • Keep you in the loop about what is happening.

  • Earn your trust and keep you from having to worry about your day-to-day portfolio management.

  • Work with far less households than the typical advisory team to give you all of the time and attention you need, when you need it.

  • Maintain full two-way disclosure because your goals and objectives will constantly evolve.

  • Provide proactive service, reaching out to keep in touch or set up reviews.

  • Help you understand and manage financial risk

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