Wealth Advisory and Investment Management for

Business Owners, Families and Organizations

Transitioning out of your business


You may be running your own business, or working for someone else. Perhaps you are responsible for the stewardship of a large amount of money for yourself, other family members or an organization. You may work with your hands on a job site, or in an operating room. You might be wrapping up a successful career and looking for a way to retire.

We can help by creating a plan that is focused on increasing your retirement income or meeting your organization's income objectives.

Focused on all stages of your life

As a team led by Larry Moody as your Wealth Advisor; we are able to provide you with a comprehensive menu of Wealth Planning and Investment Management services. BMO Nesbitt Burns offers a wide variety of resources to meet your requirements. Our approach ensures that a customized solution is created through a disciplined process to take you through all of the financial stages in your life.

Managing funds for your organization

Managing funds for an organization or third party is a big responsibility. We can help by reviewing your objectives and constraints and then matching them with appropriate investments or savings vehicles.

Find out how we can help

Our services are designed with you in mind. We can help get you to a solution and peace of mind faster. Contact us today to obtain a more detailed package describing how our services may address your specific situation or for a second opinion on your current wealth management strategy. We will also include a copy of our Investor’s quiz. Take it to identify areas to work on.