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Kirby Pozniak

Investment Advisor

Tel: 306-343-3685
Tel: 800-667-2633

Kirby Pozniak

River Center
475 2nd Ave South, 3rd Floor
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1P4

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Client Service Model

My commitment as a trusted part of your professional network is centered on the principle of delivering a higher standard of service. The main tenets of this are:
  1. Being fully transparent
  2. Regular communication
  3. Price with integrity
First, transparency is about fostering a deeper understanding of my role as your advisor. Only through a transparent relationship are we able to build trust which will allow us to eliminate the unknowns and solve your problems faster. Through transparency comes a level of comfort with the process and discipline I aim to implement with each of my clients.

Second, regular communication allows me to better understand your goals and objectives while allowing you to understand the risks and rewards involved. The goal is to always have a constant, continued dialogue. Further, in order for the process to uncover unforeseen issues, communication must involve not only the spouse, but children, and your professional network. Through transparent dialogue with everyone you deem important, will we be able to address potential issues and develop a plan to mitigate those issues before they can impact your goals.                

Finally, price with integrity reinforces the duty of always doing what is best for the client. Through a transparent fee based model are we able to better align our interests.  Fee for service encourages a consultative relationship which focuses less on sales and allows the wealth management process to be implemented.