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Kirby Pozniak

Investment Advisor

Tel: 306-343-3685
Tel: 800-667-2633

Kirby Pozniak

River Center
475 2nd Ave South, 3rd Floor
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1P4

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Wealth Management Philosophy

I believe that my client's interests are best served by building a comprehensive wealth management solution centered on the principles of investment management and wealth management.
In order to achieve the investment management component, I work closely with clients to determine current and future financial objectives in order to construct an appropriate investment strategy which dictates portfolio construction. Whether you are conservative and income-oriented, or seek aggressive growth, we will tailor an asset mix around your risk and return objectives.

Further, managing wealth goes beyond traditional asset management. This aspect transcends the pure investment and asks you to think about the legacy you want to leave to family members and your community. From discussing philanthropic and succession planning via trusts, to will and estate consultation with our Wealth Management team, every conversation revolves around ensuring that as your wealth and values grow, so too does your wealth management plan.