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1501 avenue McGill College
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Testimonial by John H. (1947) Retired Business Consultant

It is all about trust - trust that the advisor has the knowledge (or knows where to obtain it); judgement and communication skills to guide the client towards their goals and objectives in a relaxed and professional manner.
The advisor needs to be well organized - to recall all the little details that the client tells her/him; to be able to put her/his hand on the relevant data quickly and accurately as needed. To be up to date herself with what is happening in the micro and macro world of investing, finance and economics.
This is a two fold skill - 1. actually hearing what the client is saying and understanding the nuances and 2. responding with the appropriate information / guidance / coaching. 
As the client base has varied objectives, experience, personalities - tailoring the relationship to the individual to ensure success takes unique skills; as does ealing with the external and internal stresses that requires a high skill level in: listening , judgement, communication, tact, and a wonderful juggling capability.
The advisor needs to be available as required - again a balancing act among clients, management, personal life. Every one (client, office staff) is a customer - in fact at that moment - The CLIENT.
The advisor needs to enjoy the work and pass that sense to her/his clients/staff. Having fun is important in today’s work environment and is often stressed in the more successful/recognized companies. High quality people want to work in these companies and people want to be customer of these same companies. The advisor needs to project this.
Enough preaching. Julie Delany has all these skills and attributes. That is why we have chosen to work with her and BMO- Nesbitt Burns. Our assessment of investment professional organizations involved vetting three choices. Julie (& Felicity) are #1.

What prompted you to seek my services?
"We had a choice between a less active investment strategy with another organization and you. Our meetings and discussions convinced us that your capability and approach would provide us with the best results."

What situation or problem did you need to solve?
"The situation of placing our investment funds with the best person to ensure a successful future for retirement."

How did you benefit from working with me?
"The results have met our expectations. The knowledge gained has been invaluable. The comfort of have our future in your hands has been worry free."

Describe why you feel that working with me was successful.
"We feel that working with you IS successful due to your ability to understand our thinking, concerns and address them in a manner that makes us relaxed and confident."

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with me or not, what would you say to them?
"I would say that we have been successful together because you showed us the options / pros and cons of alternate paths and gently guided suggested the best. You have been able to say no to ideas that I have had and that advice has been excellent. Not an easy task with some clients.(children)"

Did I offer more than you expected?

Have I made your “Estate” planning clearer?
"Very much so. Both my wife and I have different perspectives and experience. You have been able to clear set out for both of us where we are heading  - how and why."

Have I clarified your retirement objective?
"Yes. It has been sharpened and focused with your good advice and counselling."

Our relationship has grown and matured to the point that on any investment question / issue our default response is to call Julie. We cannot see anyway forward without you in our life. As I approach RRIF age there will be many complex choices to manage and we are relying on you (and your team) to guide us along the optimal path.