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Joshua Ralph

979 Bank Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5K5

At Ralph Wealth Management we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of Wealth Management advice and services.  We take a multi-faceted approach that recognizes the individual needs and goals of each client, and strive to found long-lasting relationships built on transparency, communication, trust, and collaboration.  For us, Wealth Management is about more than just money—it’s about helping our clients pinpoint what is important to them, and creating strategies to make their vision a reality.
Relationships are the cornerstone of our business.  Our priority is to go beyond the basic annual portfolio review and establish regular, clear communication with each and every client.  We believe it is of paramount importance to understand not only your financial situation, but how your finances fit into the bigger picture—the goals and aspirations that you have for yourself, your family, and the future.  Our job is to help our clients develop clear and realistic expectations, and to manage the emotions that often come along with investment and financial planning decisions.  Our hope is to become a life-long trusted advisor to you and your family.
Ralph Wealth Management
offers clients transactional commission-based accounts, as well as fee-based asset management.  The majority of our clients prefer the predictability, transparency, and cost advantages of an annual fee based on total assets under administration.  Unlike traditional per-trade commission costs, our management fees are often tax deductible for non-registered accounts.  Most importantly, investment decisions can be based solely on merit, without having to factor in added commissions.

To ensure that each client’s investment portfolio meets their evolving needs, we employ a dynamic investment management process that includes:
  • Identifying individual risk tolerance and investment objectives
  • Determining the appropriate asset allocation
  • Selecting a diversified portfolio of securities.  We recommend securities that meet our strict criteria for risk and performance—securities of well-managed corporations with attractive dividend yield and a proven track record of stable performance throughout all phases of the business cycle.  Our selections are backed by the industry leading research and analysis of BMO’s research department.
  • Monitoring the portfolio; modify and rebalance as needed
  • Re-evaluating each client’s needs and objectives on an ongoing basis
Achieving your financial goals doesn’t happen overnight; it takes careful planning and execution.  A personalized financial plan is the foundation of your overall Wealth Management strategy, and as such is a central part of the Wealth Management package we offer all of our clients.  Financial planning is an ongoing process that includes:
  • Clarifying your goals
  • Identifying hurdles and exploring your options
  • Evaluating the recommendations presented in your plan
  • Deciding on the solutions and strategies that best meet your needs and goals
  • Implementing your plan
  • Reviewing your plan on a regular basis
Most importantly, your financial plan provides you with a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and helps us ensure that your investment strategy always remains in line with your overall goals.

We actively collaborate with our BMO partners in order to provide our clients the highest level of service.  We can facilitate our clients’ access to a range of products and services including:
  • BMO Private Banking
  • BMO Insurance specialists
  • BMO Lending specialists
  • BMO Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Advisory Team
  • BMO Enterprise Wealth Planning Group (for clients with sophisticated Wealth and Estate planning needs)
  • BMO Trust Company
Upon your request, we are also happy to co-ordinate with your other trusted advisors, including accountants and legal professionals.