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Estate and Insurance Planning

What Insurance and Estate Planning can do for you:
Carry on your plans
Premature death could be devastating for your family or your business. The tax-free death benefit from a life insurance policy can provide the funds needed to carry on with your plans.

Preserve your assets
Property and investments that you've accumulated may have increased in value. At your death, they could be subject to capital gains tax. With life insurance, you can cover this tax liability and make sure your heirs won't have to dispose of the assets to pay the tax.

Provide a gift to a charity
Life insurance can be donated to a charity providing attractive tax benefits and a sizeable gift without reducing the value of your estate.

Equalize your estate

If you are leaving a business or special property to one heir, life insurance is one way to provide an inheritance of similar value for your other heirs. If you have maximized your RRSP contributions, consider building up non-registered assets by investing in a tax-deferred universal life policy. Your investments grow tax-deferred and the death benefit can go tax-free to your heirs.

To learn more
To learn more about the many ways in which you could benefit from life insurance, please contact me directly: John Strba (905) 897-5217 or at