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What Do We Do?

What do we do that sets us apart?

We help clients manage their money and achieve their financial goals because a true financial advisor doesn’t just buy and sell investments. We understand what is important to each of our clients and we help them get there.

Our services include:

• Investment Strategy and Portfolio Construction
• Planning for people and families with a Disability
• Financial Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Tax Planning
• Insurance and Risk Management
• Estate planning
• Education Savings Planning
• Mortgage and Credit Advice

Plan for the Expected

We help people achieve life goals and plan for the expected things in life like:
• Deciding when to retire and what retirement will look like
• Saving for your child’s or grandchild’s education
• Buying an income or recreational property
• Making plans that keep the family cottage in the family

Prepare for the Unexpected

We also help people prepare for the unexpected like:
• Caring for a sick spouse or parent
• Leaving a job unexpectedly because of illness or job loss
• Providing for a family member with a disability when you’re no longer able to care for them yourself

Financial Services for Canadians with Disabilities

We understand the added financial challenges of caring for someone with a disability.
There are more expenses.
More services to navigate.
More hoops to jump through.

We also understand the worry that comes from caring for someone with a disability.
You want to know the people you love will be protected when you’re no longer around to look after them. 

We build a custom financial plan for every client specific to their needs. A plan based on expertise in finance, tax, trust and estate law.

It takes experts to navigate the labyrinth of legislation around the programs and services for people with disabilities. To know how things should be structured and to maximize every benefit. Jill built her own team of trusted proferssionals: accountants, estate lawyers, and other professionals who are knowledgeable about disability legislation and issues

Our experts know the rules and restrictions of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).
They know when to use a Henson Trust to help families plan for the future – and when not to.
They understand the intricacies of planning specific to families with a disability.

Did you know we’re committed to increasing the number of Canadians with RDSPs.

It’s estimated only 5.5% of eligible Canadians have a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)1

RDSPs can be important savings vehicles for Canadians with disabilities. For eligible people, the Canadian government will contribute up to $3 for every one dollar you invest in your RDSP! In fact, some people are eligible to receive government contributions into an RDSP even without making contributions.

The RDSP isn’t suitable for everyone with a disability but it may be suitable for you or your family member. It’s worth a conversation.


[1] Bourque, P., QC. (2016, August 5). Pre-Budget Consultations – 2017 Federal Budget [Letter written August 5, 2016 to Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance]. In Investment Fund Institute of Canada. Retrieved December 7, 2016, from https://www.ific.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/IFIC-Submission-Pre-Budget-Consultations-2017-Federal-Budget-House-of-Commons-Finance-Committee-August-5-2016.pdf/14875/