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Who Are Our Clients?

Who are our clients?

Our clients are just like you.
Teaches and nurses. Small business owners and accountants.
Young and old.
Retirees and working professionals.

They don’t take big risks.
They simply set clear goals, live within their means, and make smart decisions with their money.

Should you be one of our clients?


Working couple balances retirement, home renovations and RESPs

Meet Matt and Cheryl – a Toronto couple in their 40s with two kids.

Their oldest child will graduate from high school in two years. Matt and Cheryl both have pensions, which they expect will support most of their income needs in retirement. But they contribute to RRSPs and TFSAs to support their wants in retirement. Their wants include things like travel.

Matt and Cheryl contribute to their family Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to help pay for their kids to go to university or college. They don’t like fluctuations in the market because they aren’t sure what it will mean for their portfolio in the long term. They want to renovate their home but wonder how the expense will affect them financially today and in the future.

They see their friends and co-workers spending more money than they do and wonder if they are doing the right things with their own money.

We did a financial plan that showed Matt and Cheryl what their income could look like in retirement. We showed them how to structure their savings today to reduce their taxes in the future. We also showed them that they could afford to renovate the kitchen today without hurting their retirement or their kids’ education savings. 

Money-smart millennials cut through the clutter with trusted advice

Meet Dave and Kate – a London couple in their 30’s with two young children.

Both Dave and Kate are teachers and will have pensions when they retire. Because they have lots of time before they need to access their investments they aren’t worried about market ups and downs. They’re comfortable holding 100% equities in their portfolio.

Dave and Kate spend more time thinking about their finances than their actual investments. Should they pay down their mortgage or contribute to savings? Put money into RRSPs or TFSAs? Bill and Kate get a lot of financial information from online sources such as blogs and podcasts. They wonder which information applies to them – and which sources they should trust.

Bill and Kate know they’re on the right track because they spend less than they make. But they like to bounce ideas off our team. They also like that we keep them focused. We did a financial plan to help give them a road map. Because they are young the plan will change. But we use their plan as a yardstick to compare where they are today with where they want to be.

They sleep better knowing we’re here. They trust us to cut through the clutter and give them clear advice that applies directly to them.

Clear plan convinces couple stop to worrying about the future

Meet Bob and Jane – a couple in their 60s from Listowel, Ontario.

Bob and Jane have made smart money decisions their whole lives. They lived within their means while raising two sons and saving money for retirement. Jane took early retirement because of health problems and Bob is getting ready to leave his consulting job in the next few years.

Both were worried they hadn’t done enough to prepare for their future. They were afraid they had saved too little or made bad investment decisions. They came to us because they wanted a full financial plan – not just help investing their money.

When we built Bob and Jane’s financial plan, everyone realized they would have plenty of income in retirement – even more than they needed! Planning also allowed us to find ways to reduce their income tax in retirement and on their estate. They’ll keep more of their money and pass more money on to their sons one day. 

Looking back, Bob and Jane realize how much time and energy they spent worrying about having enough money in the future. They both privately worried: “Will we be okay?” Today, they sleep better knowing the answer to that question is: “Yes, we’ll be okay. In fact, we’ll be great.”

Working professional saves for the future and protects his disability benefits

Meet Bill – a man in his 30’s who acquired a disability from an accident and received a settlement from the resulting lawsuit.

Bill is still working but needs to stay eligible for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). The drug benefit plan at his workplace doesn’t cover all the medications he needs.

With our help, Bill invested his settlement proceeds and structured them as exempt assets for ODSP. This exemption allows Bill to keep the ODSP drug benefits and invest for his future. We also helped Bill open a Registered Disability Savings Plan, which he contributes to annually because contributing to an RRSP will cause him to lose his ODSP benefits. The RDSP will supplement his income in retirement.

Our office handles the reporting to Bill’s ODSP caseworker every year to ensure he remains compliant and keeps his benefits.