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Our Approach

My team and I believe:

Everyone deserves a clear financial plan.
  • You should never wonder if you are on track to achieve your financial goals and you should never wonder how everything in your plan fits together.
  • Everything starts with a detailed financial plan based on your unique goals and needs that outlines how much money you’ll need – or will have – based on what you’re doing today and what you could be doing better.
  • A good plan helps you find opportunities to manage risk 
  • Each client is a person, not a portfolio.
  • We take the time to forge personal connections and understand your goals, plans, worries and fears and pay attention to life events and help you plan for them.
  • When we know who and what is important, we can help you achieve your financial goals, whether they are to plan your best retirement, fund a child’s education or to construct an estate plan to transfer your hard-earned wealth and minimize taxes.
  • Everyone deserves honesty, transparency and integrity.
  • There are few relationships in our lives that demand the trust and integrity that we need from our financial advisors. Too often we can be misled by flash over substance.
  • As a Certified Financial Planner®, I put your interests before my own.
  • My team and I listen first and do right by you.
  • We “eat our own cooking:” 100% of our personal investments are in the same holdings as yours and we take a “last in, last out” approach: when it’s time to buy or sell, we adjust every one of your portfolios before our own money.
  • Our clients trust us to make smart decisions with their money. We take that commitment seriously and also trust them to be honest and open with us.
You need and deserve candor and clarity.
  • People with disabilities have taught us to speak in plain language rather than jargon or technical terms and to be accessible.
  • The world of investing and financial planning can be confusing. Without complete transparency, it’s not always easy to tell whose best interests are being served.
Managing risk is as important as generating return. We:
  • Have seen booming markets and helped clients through significant corrections.
  • Believe that the best approach to investing is calm and measured.
  • Take the time to pick high-quality holdings.
  • Don’t buy and sell individual stocks; we build investment portfolios.
  • Don’t panic when the markets dip or an investment has a bad quarter.
  • Set our sights on realistic gains and we monitor risk.
  • Don’t overpromise and always conduct ourselves ethically.
You have the right to be educated about your money.
  • We help you understand the decisions and recommendations we make so you feel confident and knowledgeable about your finances.
  • Information is shared regularly, and we take the time to answer your questions.
The right fit matters.
  • We like our clients, and they like us. When we meet in our office in London or at their dining room tables, it is very personal, like old friends getting together.
  • We make time for you. We reach out regularly and invite you to contact us any time.