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Jason Casagrande
Audrey Cheung
Rhonda Blanch, B.A., CFP

Tel: 416-359-6817

1 First Canadian Place
40th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3


Our practice is built on the client and advisor partnership. Our competent and trustworthy team listen to your unique needs and will empower you to achieve your ambitions. We motivate our clients to act during difficult, emotional or important decisions we all face. Through our consistent, repeatable and proven process we bring peace of mind to our clients and their families.

Experience has taught us that Canadians value three things when it comes to financial matters:

• To secure a comfortable retirement
• To minimize taxes
• To provide for their children or transfer their legacy

Our clients expect:

• Trusted and transparent advice
• Proven wealth management expertise
• Regular contact and investment reviews

By applying our innovative strategies and by leveraging our partners we bridge the gap between these wants and needs. As a result we create life-long advocates in the process. We believe this happens over time when the partnership has reached a mutually beneficial state and our true value is realized.

Our values and philosophies are not compromised in bull or bear markets. With the speed of information dissemination, the complexity of financial products and conflicting opinions, the one constant is us. As times change and technology advances, our clients rely on us more heavily to filter, interpret and advise. As your trusted advisor we challenge you to prioritize the most important financial concerns and execute on them sooner. When it comes to your money, market returns are beyond control. However, you are in control of who you choose to manage your money and guide your decisions.

We are often asked, "how do I to find the best Financial Advisor?” While we don’t have a definitive answer, picking the right advisor starts by asking the right questions. Always work with someone you trust, someone who is qualified and someone who is actively listening.