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Jason Armstrong
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Working With Us

Our Clients

The majority of our clientele are Canadian families who have more than $1 million invested with us. To preserve the integrity of our service model, our current policy in this regard is that clients should have a minimum of $1,000,000 to invest. That said, our primary interest is helping good people and families to establish and grow their financial net worth, and we will consider clients who are willing to adhere to our disciplined approach to wealth accumulation.

A more recent trend over the past several years has been Canadian citizens relocating to the United States on a temporary and sometimes permanent basis for employment or personal reasons. Aside from obvious residency and related tax implications, most are surprised to learn that their existing Canadian investment advisor is not qualified to manage their non-registered investments (SEC exemption for existing RRSP accounts only). John and Jason are able to provide investment advice to US residents, which provides an integrated Canadian/US investment solution, and something that differentiates us from our competition.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Most of our clients are best served by having their money managed on a discretionary basis as opposed to a traditional brokerage model. We refer to this as the BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account® ("MPA”) option. The main distinction is that for a discretionary mandate, the advisor is responsible for day-to-day decision making; whereas, under the traditional brokerage model, the advisor makes recommendations, but client must retain decision maker status. Under the MPA option, the advisor maintains strict adherence to the client's overriding investment strategy (as defined in their Investment Policy Statement).

The MPA option allows the advisor to act decisively, and in response to changing market conditions, frees up more time for both the client and advisor; time better spent focusing on our investment process or providing clients with value-added service, commentary, and advice.

Fees & Services

There is integrity to our pricing, which is why we ensure your MPA fee is completely transparent and all-inclusive. In addition to investment counsel, our fee covers the broad array of financial advice we offer, including financial planning, estate planning, and planning to invest for after-tax returns. MPA fees also cover our discretionary portfolio management service, as well as all necessary custodial and reporting requirements. Another advantage of the all-inclusive fee is tax-deductible to the extent it relates to a taxable (ie: non-registered) account.