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Investment Counsel

Once the wealth planning context has been established, we formalize risk/return and other client-specific parameters in a personalized Investment Policy Statement ("IPS”). Once established, all that remains is deciding how and when to invest the funds to be consistent with our process-driven approach to investing. The IPS will advise on how much of their money should be invested in each class of financial assets (stocks or equities, bonds, preferred shares, cash, and alternative investments).

We pride ourselves on being objective and realistic. We believe it is our duty to describe the world as it is, which obligates us to highlight fees/costs associated with products and services; to educate clients on opportunity and risk; and/or to bring in a third party advisor with expertise in areas that we are not.


Investment Strategy

  • In setting investment strategy, we look at markets as objectively as possible and assess what they imply for future rates of return

  • We aspire to advocate higher relative exposure to equities when undervalued on our long-term gauges, and vice versa

  • Our approach to stock selection is based on identifying those fundamental factors that lead to future outperformance

  • We use technology as a powerful research tool, which complements our fundamental approach to investing


The Relative Outperformance of Dividends

  • Historically, the right combination of dividend growth and yield has generated better returns and lower volatility

  • Focusing on yield alone has been the wrong approach – the underlying business must be supportive of quality earnings yield and growth profile

  • Sustainability is key – dividend policies highlight the importance of capital allocation and enterprise yield – management teams need to be disciplined in their processes