I hope not only to make an important impact on your financial situation but also to build a long-term relationship with you based on confidence and trust. I work cohesively to provide you with peace of mind.


Wealth Management is a Family Affair

Traditionally investors advised you to invest. But investments are only a small part of a financial plan. As a Wealth Advisor i don’t go for the narrow view but work for a broader understanding of all possibilities. I believe that this view is tantamount for good financial health. Our strategic plans are created with you at the core and slowly spiral out to considerations of parents, children and grandchildren, businesses and business partners, and any philanthropic legacy you may wish to leave behind. These elements are crucial in the big picture, the whole picture, the only picture worth working with.

Working with a Wealth Advisor

As a Wealth Advisor, I offer a full-range of services, beginning with formulating strategies specifically tailored for you. These strategies plan for family security, income and asset preservation, investment strategies, retirement, estate planning, and philanthropy.

You need a Wealth Advisor if you are a business owner, a retiree, a corporate executive, or an heir or heiress interested in a professional opinion on your financial affairs. An advisor will help you mould the goals you have created into solid and achievable strategy.

You need a Wealth Advisor when you have a sizable portfolio and you want to enter into a relationship with a specialized consultant who will help you manage your assets and plan for the future.

You need a Wealth Advisor when you have financial concerns and desire a clear, full picture of your finances with guidance, direction, and peace of mind.

What Sets me Apart

I am dedicated to learning, to the work, and to our clients.
I have the greatest resources available to us and to you through the BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Group.

BMO Nesbitt Burns is one of North America’s leading fullservice investment firms with a focus on meeting the needs of individual investors through a customized approach to investing. Through BMO Nesbitt Burns, Investment and Wealth Advisors are able to offer clients traditional equities, fixed income securities, and mutual funds, as well as an extensive line of proprietary products.

I try harder and work smarter. I believe in a hands-on, individual, and informed approach to financial advising. Our advice isn’t "off the rack,” but carefully considered and tailored to you. I have a proven track record that we are proud of and that I will diligently continue to achieve.


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