Discretionary Managed Portfolios


Discretionary Portfolio Management means giving a professional Portfolio Manager the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf.


Your investment strategy will be designed and managed according to your clearly-documented needs and goals. However, unlike a traditional investment account, it is not necessary for you to review and approve every single transaction.

While Discretionary Portfolio Management is widely available, having direct access to your Portfolio Manager has traditionally been available to only to a select few. This personal access will provide you with more control than if your investments were managed by someone you may have never met.

  • Managed Portfolio Accounts are often a good fit for:

  • Busy professionals, executives and business owners

  • Trustees of charities, foundations and endowments

  • Retirees who travel often, have busy lifestyles or have no inclination to manage their own investments

  • Individuals responsible for sizable family trusts.


You can feel confident that your financial affairs are being managed by an experienced and knowledgeable team, backed by the knowledge, resources and oversight of BMO Financial Group.