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Bringing Insight, Clarity, and Commitment to your Financial Future

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Ginny Arnott-Wood
Felice Bontempo
Cassandra Baylis

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429 Elizabeth Street
Burlington, ON
L7R 2L8

The Bontempo Arnott-Wood Wealth Advisory Group

Lighting the Way to Your Better Future

We know that earning a living and saving money are difficult. So when you invest with us we understand how precious your wealth is. It is critical for you to feel you can trust the advice you receive. You need to know that we understand what you're trying to achieve and what purpose your wealth serves. 

Providing insight, clarity, and commitment to your goals, our team includes Felice Bontempo, MBA, Vice President & Senior Investment Advisor; Ginny Arnott-Wood, B.A., CFP®, & Wealth Advisor; and Cassandra Baylis, Investment Representative. Together, we bring more than 50 years' investment and financial services experience to help you find the solutions to reach your goals.

Among the clients we serve:

 ·      Those building their nest-egg, to ensure it will take them through a comfortable retirement

·       Retirees who need investment income to maintain their lifestyle through all types of markets

·       Those wanting to plan the efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation

None of the above matter if you can't understand the terms or strategies being recommended. We use clear and straightforward language so that you understand the investments you hold and the risks to which you are exposed.

Listening, caring about your issues, understanding your financial needs, responding to your concerns, looking out for opportunities, and watching out for dangers that may turn up: this is the commitment we bring to our clients.

After all, it's really not about the's about living an enriched life.