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What’s Your Life Stage?

We offer a personalized approach to wealth planning for successful, wealthy Canadians.

Pre-or Post-Retiree?  We can guide you through an effective and holistic planning process in areas such as intergenerational wealth transfer, cash flow, long-term care, retirement and estate planning (including counsel at family meetings to share thoughts, wishes and objectives); establishing/updating wills and powers of attorney; using insurance as a safety net; and appointing an appropriate executor to ensure your benefactors are secured for the future.
Young Professional?  We can work with you on a financial plan that reflects your priorities, ambitions, and long-term financial horizon – counsel around home ownership, debt management, stewardship of family wealth, saving and investing for retirement, and professional referrals to help you build a trusted network.

Business Owner/Entrepreneur? Whether start-up or mature business, we can help align your personal goals and priorities with the income-generating needs you face as an owner, including cash-flow management, preservation of capital, financing, tax and succession planning, etc.

Parent, Guardian or Primary Caregiver? We can assist you in preparing an effective education savings plan that includes calculating the cost of a post-secondary education; creating a savings strategy; determining account types in an RESP; advice on balancing financial priorities; and implementing, and monitoring, your educational plan.

Living with a Disability or Caring for Someone with a Disability? We can address ways to improve your financial well-being through solutions that include potential government benefits and tax credits, and developing a financial plan with decision-making directives and insurance alternatives. 

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

"Gee On has been our Investment Advisor since 2004.  I was already retired & we needed to establish an investment portfolio that would generate regular income for dependant family members.  We thought that it was too late in life, but Gee On said the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago; the next best time is today.  Throughout all these years he has advised us well.  We are pleased about the portfolio growth & for the tax efficient investment income.  Most importantly, Gee On has our best interest, & has taken good care of us.  We trust him with our family’s investments.”

Dr. Wallace B. Chung
Professor Emeritus (1989) Founder of the W.B. and M.H Chung Lectureship in the Department of Surgery, UBC. Honorary Life Member of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons. Appointed a member to the Order of Canada in June 2005 & the Order of British Columbia in 2006

"I’ve been a client of Gee On’s since 2003.  He has been a great and friendly help in my transition from salaried professor to savings-dependent emeritus.  Under his guidance, I’ve been able to navigate the treacherous seas of finance in Canada and France.  More importantly, we were able to assist my family, and even have a plan for a future legacy.  Most importantly, I fully trust his honesty and his excellent judgment.  I've been living in far away Victoria for several years now, but he is still my financial guru."
Dr. Klaus Hoechsmann
Professor Emeritus, UBC - Mathematics Dept. & PIMS

"Yes, yes, yes, Gee On Lee has served our extended families over several decades with a stellar record of returns, in times good, bad, and middling. That’s his job, for gosh’s sake!  Now, allow me to complement the focus on his ‘doings’ with a few words about his ‘being’.  Among Gee On’s virtues, number: personal integrity, probity, and moral character; robustness of spirit; resilience and resourcefulness.

Gee On deeply cares for and strives to serve the other.  He is open to the world, ready to embrace and consider whatever it has to offer, and ever ready to engage in collaborative meaning-making with his clients through compassionate listening and respectful dialogue.  Gee On’s service is built on his finely-honed sense of agency; his ability to tolerate ambiguity, and, accepting the complexities of life, to reconcile the essentially irreconcilable.  Gee On communicates a rare quality of soulfulness in being in tune with others and striving to find and express what is most nurturing, wise, and caring in both himself and the other.

He blesses us with his care for us, his belief in everyone he interacts with, and his optimism in the best outcome of any situation.  With all this, Gee On is possessed of an engaging charm, humility, self-deprecating humour, and luminous grace."

Meguido Zola
Professor, SFU, Independent Scholar, Life and Executive Coach

“We have known Gee On since 1998. He’s faithfully helped our family for quite some time & It is important for us to invest in a socially responsible & ethical way.  Gee On has advised us with our modest financial resources.  Our goal is to take our first fruits, pay it forward & be a blessing to others.  Coming from the real estate industry, I know first-hand the skill & knowledge required to do your best for clients.
There are a few common values that we share: 
  • We do not put our hope in wealth, that said, Gee On has helped us through many difficult times & has been a good steward of our savings.

  • The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. Gee On has guided us wisely with a long term approach to investing. He considers our unique objectives & ensures the plan meet our personal beliefs.

  • Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but those who gathers little by little will increase it. In this regard Gee On helps us achieve favourable long term results.

  • A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. Gee On is aware of the importance of family, especially our extended family. Legacy planning is embedded in his approach. 

  • Do good deeds.  We appreciate that Gee On participates in our local community coaching Special Olympics; Basketball & Track & Field. We are especially grateful that we are like minded & share a passion for humanitarian work globally."

Anke Hanemaayer & Simon Hanemaayer
Sales Representative, Sutton-Group-Seafair Realty

“I’ve been a client of Gee On’s since 2007.  We had an instant connection since we are both Rugby Alumnus.  I started with Gee On following my disappointment with the historic 2007 Sub-Prime lending crisis in the US & then the 2008 World Financial crisis.  I learned that eventually, proper valuations do matter.  What I like best is, Gee On respects & diligently evaluates some of my own investment ideas & sets a prudent plan to work them into my retirement portfolio.  I feel like I am an important part of the decision making & he is collaborative in his investment approach."

Ernie Barbillion
Director of Operations, Alliance Freight & Logistics Inc.

“I was referred to Gee On’s in 2015.  I was disappointed with my previous Advisor because we owned too many commodity related investments in my RSP.  He has helped me transform my retirement account into a well-diversified portfolio of higher quality investments.  Gee On is very informative about the investments but also provides a solid long term investment perspective.  I have the utmost trust and confidence in Gee On, my only regret is not moving to him sooner." 

Donna Hissey
V.P. Ops, Acme Protective Systems Limited

"I’ve known Gee On for almost 30 years. We first met when he joined the Richmond Investors Club in the early 90’s.The goal of the club was for members to learn the fundamentals of investing in the stock market, share wine and friendship, and make some money. After 20 years we decided to close our investment club, but we kept all the friendships.

When Gee On was a bank manager in the Richmond Centre mall, he hired my husband, Eric, to perform Magic for kids on Halloween. A few years later Eric and I hired Gee On as our Investment Advisor. He helped me through the challenges of selling our family home of more than 40 years and relocating. He has become more than  just an investment adviser: Gee On is like family to me."
Donna Lenz
Retired, former co-host of the Magic of Cooking show, Bike Club enthusiast & avid Bridge player

"I was fortunate to meet Gee On just after the "Y2K Technology Correction".  But I would have to say that it was his wonderful rescue dog, Larry who sealed the deal! Being a huge dog lover & dog owner (Calvin, Eddie & Hobbes), we bonded...Gee On and I, not Larry and I :)  I had been with a large investment company for many years while I was married.  Once on my own, I wanted to have an investment advisor who would offer, in my opinion, a more personal approach to handling my investment affairs.  From our first meeting, many years ago, Gee On has always been there for me...involving me in decisions when necessary, listening to all my concerns, however odd and becoming a good friend who continually supports me.  I have always felt confident that my best interests are being addressed by Gee On.  And especially now that I am closing in on being 70 years old.  I don't have to worry as "he has my back" as the expression goes.  I get to travel and enjoy my life in Vancouver knowing I am in good hands."

Liz Zaozirny

"Gee On has been such a great investment adviser for us that thanking him publicly is the least we can do. He inherited my wife and my accounts back in 2002 and at that time, the value of our portfolio was well below the threshold that he usually accepted from his clients. However, he was kind enough to waive his usual practice and take us on as clients. And we are so grateful that he did. Over the years he has steadily and consistently built our individual portfolios in accordance with our individual risk tolerances. Even during and directly after the financial melt-down in 2008 when few were spared from its devastating consequences, he kept in regular touch with us an assured us that everything would return to normal. He kept his word, and eventually recovered our “losses”, and pressed on to achieve some excellent gains over the ensuing years. Recently, when I personally turned 71 and had to take money out of my RRIF each year, Gee on told me his goal for me was to, at the very least, protect my capital while paying out my RRIF payments. He has, again, kept his word and then some.
Clearly we are extremely pleased with his investment decisions and advice on our behalf and would like to thank him again for taking us on those many years ago."

Anthony R. Westbridge
Westbridge Fine Art Auction House Ltd., Vancouver, BC

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