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Francois Marceau
Kate Pang

Tel: 613-938-5644

55 Water Street West
Suite 100
Cornwall, ON
K6J 1A1

Languages Spoken:
French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin 

Investment Management / Asset Allocation Management
Financial Planning
Tax Efficiency Planning
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning

Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide conservative, customized and proactive financial advice that is tailored to the needs of our clients. Our commitment is to design and implement a personalized financial plan for each of our clients, which will provide the foundation for financial prosperity.

Our Philosophy
We firmly believe our clients’ interest are best served by taking a fully-diversified portfolio approach to investing. We work closely with our clients to formulate customized investment strategies designed to improve investment returns, while keeping risk at acceptable levels. Whether a client is conservative and income-oriented, or looking for growth, we design investment strategies that best suit their needs.

Compelling Reasons to Invest with Us

  • We Take a Balanced Approach to Investing
  • Continuous Communication and Performance Reporting
  • Expert Knowledge of Products and Services
  • We Strive to Understand Your Total Financial Situation
  • We Believe in Life Long Learning to better Serve You

Specialised Services

Retirement Planning

In order to achieve your retirement goals, you need to have a plan. Whether you are focused on the investment component of your retirement plan or want to know more about how to maximize family resources, there are simple, very effective methods to reduce and defer tax on investments, split income, enhance after-tax growth of wealth, and preserve accumulated capital. Through a comprehensive review and the use of the BMO Nesbitt Burns sophisticated planning software, you can have a clear picture of what can be done starting today to help you attain your retirement goals.

Asset Mix Management

A key determinant to successful investing is an appropriate mix of assets - cash, stocks and bonds. Using recommendations from BMO Nesbitt Burns' Research Department, we work closely with our clients to develop portfolios that are appropriate for them. As part of our long-term relationship, we will recommend changes to a portfolio mix if their personal circumstances change.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can play a crucial role in ensuring that you have greater control of your assets during your lifetime. It can also help maximize and preserve assets from unnecessary legal and tax costs, enhance provisions for your family and future generations, and ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. We, along with an Estate and Insurance Advisor*, can review your present situation, establish your objectives and concerns, identify potential problems or risks, examine and calculate tax consequences, develop and implement strategies, co-ordinate with other advisors and monitor and update your plan as needed.