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Master of Business Administration, Richard Ivey Business School, UWO, London, Ontario, Canada

Languages Spoken:
Fluent in English and French

Comprehensive, personalized investment planning that includes:

- Retirement Planning
- Career Transition Planning
- Fixed Income and Equity Investments
- Tax Efficient Strategies
Francine's Biography

At twenty-one, Francine Crawford took an active role in managing her portfolio and began investing in the market. By the time she was in her mid-thirties, she was financially able to "retire”…leaving behind a job with a solid pension to explore new opportunities overseas before pursuing her dream of helping others — not just to accumulate wealth, but to help them outlive their money and still fulfill their dreams.

Thinking globally has always been a way of life for Francine. She has lived and travelled extensively in many countries throughout five continents — experiencing diverse cultures as a foreigner, not a tourist. She embraces life "off the beaten track” and becomes in-tuned to living life as a local.

Throughout her travels to far off reaches, Francine has kept her feet firmly planted on the ground. Her grassroots upbringing and sense of integrity and sincerity are immediately evident to those she meets. Her ability to put others at ease is a direct reflection of her genuine interest in learning from and helping others.

During a two-year stay in Paris, Francine learned a valuable life lesson. She had discovered the decadence of Mont d’Or, a thick crusted cheese covered in black mold, as she bluffed her way through a vast cheese trolley during dinner. She would not admit this was foreign territory (she only knew about a particular brand of offerings under the Kraft label). Francine’s world was opened to this new phenomenon of real cheese, but her limited expertise was exposed while pretending to be a cheese connoisseur…and was laughed out of a fromagerie for ordering this specialty out of season.

And this is the way it is for many people…relying on luck to firmly establish a foothold in living their dreams. Francine learned you can’t bluff your way through, so she ensures her clients are aware and open to the possibilities of all that life can offer.

Francine has learned many life lessons from her travels and understands how the global infrastructure impacts our lives each day. That is why she brings an international strategy to portfolio building.

Francine keeps her clients informed on world influences and complexities and how they can affect your future. And she will eagerly share her little-known travel discoveries, such as the best wine routes through Germany, the best Indian restaurants in London, and of course, her now extensive — and in season — lists of best cheeses you must try in France.

As every person is unique so is every situation, every goal, every dream…there is no cut and paste plan. As you transition through life, Francine ensures your plan is in place before you need it…keeping you on track to live your dreams, wherever they may take you.


• Fluent in French and English…a student of Spanish
• MBA, Richard Ivey Business School
• Canadian Securities Certification
• Wealth Management Essentials
• Life Insurance Agent
• Personal Financial Planning
• Extensive Executive/Leadership Training


• Habitat for Humanity
• Junior Achievement (Past Board Member)
• London Business Hall of Fame – Event Chair
• May Court Club
• Canadian Women in Communications

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