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Elizabeth Petticrew
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885 West Georgia St.
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What our clients have to say...

"Thank you very much for your time today.  We always find our meetings informative, reassuring and uplifting. Also, thank you to you and your team for taking care of our investments so well.  We can rest easy, knowing that they are in good hands. This email cannot really express our sincere appreciation for all that you have done for us over many years, but please know our heartfelt gratitude." - Married Couple, 60+,  June 2018

"I can't tell you how nice it was to meet with such a no-nonsense and knowledgeable person. My dad's glowing recommendation of you is just icing on the cake. You made me feel very confident that you are looking out for my best interests, and I am relieved to know that you and your colleagues will be taking care of my investments." - Chef, age 33, August 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in taking care of our financial affairs!  I am in awe of the fantastic work that you do, and am privileged to be a client!” - Account manager, Benefits and Insurance, age 37, January 2015

"Next time someone tells me money doesn’t grow on trees, I’ll tell them I know, it grows at Nesbitt Burns in Vancouver. Great work from the Elizabeth Petticrew Team! Thank you all." - Retired, age 72, May 2015

"Just got my statement for 2016 and am delighted with the results considering economic market. So glad "Team Petticrew" is in my corner. I would not be in this position without you.  Thanks again, all the best to everyone who stresses on my behalf. In much appreciation... I believe I speak for many of your clients that cannot always find the words...So much to be grateful for. Divorced, age 65, March 2017

“Just received my portfolio report for the first quarter of 2014.  I'm suitably impressed… The results you achieve inspire awe at the brain power (and application of that knowledge) you have at hand…. I know I pay for your services, but what you provide goes beyond that.  And that is very much appreciated.  Ergo, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  - Retired, age 68, April 2014


"Just got my mid-year Statement, AWESOME!!  You are AMAZING.  Thank you so so much. Retirement is looking better everyday. - Travel and tourism specialist, age 63, August 2014

“Just a quick note to say that I received my financial summary in the mail yesterday and wanted to touch base with each of you to say Thank You! I do follow the statements in detail every month and see the positive results and progression on my accounts.  I am impressed with your service, professionalism and investment knowledge – it is obvious you each have a passion for what you do.” - Engineer, age 52, May 2014

"Just got the quarterly statement and enjoyed the good news and simply wanted to say thank you for the work you do on our behalf. I know it's not always all good news, but even when it isn't, the good news remains: you have our trust.  Thanks for riding the roller coaster of radical volatility on our behalf!"  - Semi-retired software executive and pomelo enthusiast, age 60, November 2014

"The difference between a financial advisor and a financial advisor is:  The excellent one can give extra lift-up to the portfolio, when world markets are high and when world markets are down, can cushion the fall of the portfolio.  Keep up the good work Elizabeth Petticrew Team......................!!!  Thank you."  -  Retired tax preparer, age 79, May 2015



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.