My Mortgage is coming up for renewal - what should I know?

HELOC vs. fixed rate vs. variable rate

Interest rates have gone up a great deal. The tough question to face is what to do with your mortgage, especially if it's now coming up for renewal?

Check out the article titled, 'My Mortgage is Coming Up For Renewal - What Should I Do Now?' to find out what your best options are.

Important Tax Information

Canadian Ownership of U.S. Real Property

Many Canadians enjoy spending time in the U.S., and at some point may consider the purchase of a U.S. vacation property. As a result, it is important for Canadians to fully understand U.S. reporting and tax issues related to their ownership of U.S. real property, in addition to any Canadian tax implications. Read more HERE.



Canadian Snowbirds and U.S. Income Tax

If you plan to spend your winters in the U.S., you should be concerned with more than just ensuring your passport is up-to-date and that your bags are packed. Snowbirds – Canadian residents who spend part of each year in the United States – need to be aware of the potential liability to pay U.S. income tax on the same basis as a permanent U.S. resident. Read more HERE. 



U.S. Estate Tax for Canadians - Income Tax Considerations

As a Canadian you may be unaware that your estate could be impacted by U.S. estate tax if you own U.S. securities or U.S. real estate. This article highlights the potential U.S. estate tax implications that could apply     to Canadian estates and suggests a number of planning opportunities to help Canadians minimize these taxes. The strategies discussed in this article apply to individuals who are tax residents of Canada and are not U.S. citizens or taxed as a U.S. person. All amounts quoted are in U.S. dollars. Read more HERE.