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The Ultimate Managed Account

The Architect Account

The Architect Account is the next evolution of managed accounts, and is exclusive in Canada to BMO Nesbitt Burns. It's pre-cursor was the 'Separately Managed Account'. In a Separately Managed Account, a client selects a manager from a number of well established Investment Management firms. The selected investment manager takes day to day responsibility for making changes in a clients portfolio. This is done on a 'discretionary' basis...meaning the manager has the clients pre-approval to make whatever changes the manager thinks will benefit the portfolio. Clients own the actual stocks or bonds, rather than units in a fund. These accounts are always fee based, meaning the investor pays a quarterly fee tied to the size of the portfolio, instead of paying transaction costs or commissions on each trade. When the portfolio grows, the fee increases; and the opposite is true as well. Many consider this compensation model superior to the 'transaction cost' or 'commission' model because it closely aligns the interests of all parties. Both investors and managers are focused on making the portfolio grow, whether that takes many adjustments in a given month, or very few.

The Architect Account takes this concept one large step forward, by allowing for a variety of managers with different areas of specialization, to be combined in one account. It also affords the opportunity to use specialized mutual funds for some investment categories that perhaps are not large enough in the portfolio to warrant using individual stocks or bonds. The mutual funds are held in the same account as the managed stocks or bonds. Finally, it even allows for the use of low cost ETF's (exchange traded funds) to build broad diversification in an investment category at a very low cost. And once again, these are held all in the same account.

To most people it seems inherently obvious that you should be able to hold these different investment tools all in one account; but it just isn't possible anywhere in Canada other than through an Architect Account available only at BMO Nesbitt Burns. Ask us to show you in more depth how the Architect Account works, and the benefits that our clients have enjoyed by using it. It truly is the 'evolution of managed accounts'.