Who is The Newlands Group?

With an experienced staff of five and access to the most recent industry investment research, The Newlands Group has grown to be one of the most successful money management groups in Canada. Our Group is dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of professionalism in all areas of money management.


What We Do

We provide our clients with timely advice and quality services, while striving to meet and exceed their investment goals. Here at the Newlands Group, we strongly believe in building trust and confidence with our clients. Our main goal is to develop a customized investment strategy for each client so they can discover the true potential of their wealth.


How We Work

At the Newlands Group, we work as a team assisting and putting clients first. This results in client calls rarely going to voicemail and never being left unassisted at our place of business. To help meet the ongoing financial needs of our clients, we are committed to providing unparalleled service and advice. We use the unique strengths of our team to help clients maintain a sense of confidence in investing. We offer superior service, reporting, communication and investment advice to all our clients.