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Diane Mehagan
Coral Mihalick
Clara Neves

Fax: 807-345-6741
Tel: 807-343-1906
Toll Free: 1800-461-4191

1127 Barton St.
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5N3

Wealth Advice You Can Trust

We work with our clients through various stages of their life. They share a common goal – achieving financial security in pre-retirement years; enjoying their golden years and transitioning their hard-earned assets to their loved ones.  Together we design personal investment and financial strategies to achieve their lifelong dreams.

We understand that at times clients may worry when it comes to managing their money.  As their trusted Wealth Advisors, our clients can be confident that they have a suitable strategy in place that ensures their personal and financial goals are achieved.
The most important measure of our success is the success of our clients!

Our Team

Diane Mehagan, Coral Mihalick, Clara Neves.


Our Client Service

Wealth advice you can trust. 


Independence and Innovation in Research

Visit our research page for the latest commentary and market analysis from our award winning BMO Capital Markets Research Team.