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Welcome to our November newsletter. In this newsletter, we selected a few external articles that we think may be of interest to you, your family and friends. Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think it may help. Furthermore, if you are having any trouble accessing any of the articles please let us know and we would be happy to assist.
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Debbie, Chris, Mark and Rosemary
Why you need to understand risk and uncertainty when planning for retirement.
Financial Planning is a process not a set-it and forget-it scenario, and with longer retirements and projections into the future, the less reliable a financial plan can be. This article from the Financial Post explore why financial planning is a process not a one time event.
How Millennials Can Maximize Savings for Retirement
This is a good article from the WSJ on how individuals in their 20s and 30s can maximize their retirement to prepare for financial success later in life. This article is really applicable to adult children who are continuing to build their financial lives as good habits pay dividends years down the line. Learn more from the WSJ here.
How Millennials Can Maximize Savings for Retirement
Avoid a financial hangover with these smart holiday spending tips
With the holidays around the corner, planning your holiday spending means not just budgeting for gifts for loved ones, but also the myriad other holiday expenses. This article and video from Financial Post explores how to avoid a financial hangover in January.
Lessons Learnt from Caring for Aging Parents
This article from the Humble Dollar really clicked with my family’s experience caring for our aging parents. Phil is able to distill the lessons he learnt from caring for his parents, being in the Sandwich Generation and how that has affected his planning for his future. Read more on lessons learnt from Phil’s experience of caring for his parents here.
13 Things to Know About the Canada Pension Plan
This article from Zoomer gives a quick primer of how CPP works and 13 things that you may or may not know about CPP. Learn more about CPP from Zoomer here.
6 Steps to Take When You Unexpectedly Receive an Inheritance
I found this article when I was down at the Sudden Money annual conference earlier this month doing some research for an upcoming blog post. This article from Castlebar Asset Management in Kansas echoes all of the technical issues discussed with dealing a with an unexpected financial transition and I thought it would be worthy of sharing. Learn more of the six steps you should take when you receive a sudden influx of money.  
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