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Life Moments

Our team is specialized in helping our clients navigate life transitions and planning for life moments. Debbie has been specially trained by the Financial Transitionist Institute to help clients deal with the emotional and cognitive side of a life moment.

Whether it is the transition to retirement or selling a business or having to navigate the death of a spouse, our team has been specially trained to help our clients through the transition and adjust to their new normal.

Financial Transition Planning

Financial Transition Planning aligns the money side of finance with the human side to help clients with decision-making in a time that can be emotionally exhausting. At Bongard Wealth Advisory we have a greater understanding of the emotional realities that come with major life events and financial changes.

We are well equipped and dedicated to helping clients gain confidence in both their personal and financial well-being. By taking into account the sociological and psychological factors that clients may go through during times of change, we can personalize our financial strategies in the interest of each client and the struggles that they may be facing.


Life Moments Planning

Our team is able to help work with you to help with many different aspects of life moments planning. Between planning for retirement and facilitating how you are going to spend your time after you retire to planning for education savings for children and grandchildren through the use of RESPs.

There are many transitions you and your family will go through during your life and our team is able to help with all of the potential transitions. A part of our job is to be a thinking partner and help you create a plan for these changes.


The Fog

When some major life events occur, such as a sudden loss of a spouse, selling a business or retirement, people commonly enter a state of mental stress and anxiety we call ‘the fog.’ The fog is over whelming and you can get lost in it, overcome by stress it sometimes inhibits your ability to make decisions. Financial Transition Planning aims to bring you out of this fog, a specialized type of advisory designed to help you manage these overwhelming life events and help you regain some clarity and control.

New Normal

With a financial transition, the final step is the transition to the new normal. For a business owner, when selling a business, a new normal could be other entrepreneurial opportunities or the transition to retirement and finding new ways to spend your time. For the loss of a spouse, it may be feeling financially comfortable and gaining knowledge to be financially independent to feel comfortable in making decisions. The transition to a new normal is different for everyone and can even differ between spouses, a part of our job it to help our clients navigate their transition and help facilitate both the financial side and emotional side of the transition.